Feb 27, 2010

At The Same Time.

Happened somewhere.

A true story.

Sitting by her P.C… staring at the screen…Waiting ….Waiting and waiting….

She misses him ….she is dreaming of the day when she meets him … which dress will she wear… which perfume would she use… what is the first thing she would say…
a pretty smile comes to her face as she knows well that whenever she meets him she keeps silent for about 10 minutes which she spends in her shyness…..Moments…. then she decides to give him a call as she misses him so much.

Driving his car …in his way to work….Thinking…Thinking and thinking ….

He is angry , he has got a lot of troubles in his work … things are complicated
and he is fed up…. The sound of his phone draws his attention bringing him
back from his deep thinking to reality…he picks up his phone … it is her name showing up in the phone screen…. his heart is beating … moments … then he cancelles.

She believes he is busy ,,, Of course he will call me back when he gets time for calling
… Again thinking of him … she feels pity for all these troubles through which

he is going … Thinking about how can she help relieving his pain….thinking ….thinking and thinking ….Moments , then she shuts down her P.C

He thinks of her … He is leading a wave of despair ...he is no more able to go

through this relationship … he has got enough troubles to go through this…
he wants some peace… she has got no more place here in his life…she is wonderful ...YET ,I am not happy with this… I got to stop…How…???
Thinking …Moments , then he stops the car.

She goes to her room , putting on her cloths…. She is planning for a surprise …

She will go and meet him today , may be this will help him through
his troubles …" Of course meeting me will bring him some happiness
… ok … mmmm … yea this perfume …he likes it… now done …
where is the mobile and the keys …ok let's go …. She goes out slamming the door.

He picks up his phone ,,, stares at it for a while , then he starts thinking

" shall I call her ??
" No of course she will start weeping and I can not stand her tears ….ok… what ???
yea I will send her a message explaining everything…

He starts writing while his heart beats are shouting out loud …

his heart is bleeding , yet his mind is pushing him forward to go on in his decision….Moments ,,, then again he is writing.

She takes a taxi to the station as he is not working in the same city ,

he is far away , but nothing matters , all what matters for her is to see him ….
she gets on the car traveling to the city where he works….
The driver turn on the C.D player and the sound of a very romantic song invaded
her heart… once again she is sink in the lovely thoughts about their love…
she misses him so much …. Looking out of the window she starts dreaming of his smile ….and the lovely look of his eyes…. Mmmm … dreaming … dreaming and dreaming ….she tells herself


I love him so much

Words are conflicting in his mind ,, what should he say … how best can he put

an end to this … he is exhausted … I am no more able to think… mmmm
moments and he allows words to flow out of his mind without thinking…
writing … writing … and writing …. Pause … then he decides to
read the message …ok now I am done … hope she understands this…
he is hesitating ….moments … his heart beats are shouting … his mind is insisting ,,,then he pushes the button sending the message …looking into his mobile ,,, his eyes can not believe that " Message is sent "… he waits to get the delivery report …moments , then back driving the car.

She is totally occupied with her dreams … her heart is flying out of

happiness as it is about an hour and she will be with her sweetheart…
her mind is totally devoted to the sweet moments which she is going
to spend with him … here soul is taken by the romantic song to a very far place….
All of a sudden her mobile gives her the alert : "You've got a message" …
She holds on for seconds … " could it be from him ..mmm " let's find out….
She picks up her mobile …1 message received … she pushes the button
opening it … oh it is from him .. her heart starts beating strongly …
But what is this … Sorry
Is that really the word " Sorry " why does he say sorry … mmm may be because he could not answer me "
Oh …No…Moments … Silence … Silence … Her eyes are going through

the message… her heart is getting crashed into small pieces… her soul is
taken away … her mind is shocked….she is stunned … she feels as if
she is having a terrible nightmare … she tells herself " No …
there must be something wrong " May be it is a trick … he must be writing something at the end to explain that he is just kidding …No
It is just like that… He is killing our relationship …

he is putting a strict end to every thing. Just like that …!!!!!!
Tears are flowing …. She is trying to hide her tears behinds her sunglasses …

she is trying to calm down … she feels she is collapsing …. She is about to faint…
she feels she is not able to talk … her voice is gone …pain takes her breath away suddenly she hears the voice of the driver telling the passengers that here is the end of the trip… she steps down from the car…

She is standing in the middle of the road … in another city … the city where her lover is driving his care someplace…" What should I do ? " I feel I am dying … Should I call him to ask " Why ??" did I do him any wrong … ok if so I will say I am sorry …. If not then why ?
I must tell him that I can not go through this life without him by my side
thinking … thinking …thinking .. then suddenly she hears the sound of her mobile ringing … the sounds of the cars … oh the place is to crowded .. trying to cross the road while thinking of what is going on … A taxi hits her and she falls down.

He arrives at his work…. He is checking his mobile … she did not send any messages … she did not call …May be she did not get the message …May be she is away from the phone …There must be some reaction from her … I know her…what 's up??
Any way … back to work … Good news comes to him …. One of his troubles is solved … Now he can have some rest … again taking a look at the mobile … but nothing … nothing … nothing … What's wrong ?? … ok …back to his troubles… then finishing the work he is still expecting any reaction from her … but still the same silence....His heart is broken....Soul is bleeding.

He is Driving back to his city.

She stands up … " I am fine … I am fine " weeping … stunned , yet no wounds"ok thanks …I am fine ..
Moments of crying… I was about to die …I am already dying … I need to go back home … I am shivering … I need to sleep … I do not want to see any one ..I am dying ….I am collapsing …How can he do this to me … why ?? there must be something wrong …my mind is splitting … he loves me ..yea I know…..why he abandons me ..I need to sleep … deep sleeping … she walks again into the station ..

She rides the car back to her city.

They live in the same city.
She is missing him.
He is yearing to her.

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The illusionist said...

كل ده بوست
لا مش هلحق اقراه طبعا لان ابويا بيعاملنى زى سيندريلا
ومش مخلينى اقعد بعد اتناشر
وانا قاعع موب
هقراه اكيد لما اخش تانى
بس حبيت اطمن واصبح
مساء الفل عليكى

Ana keda said...

حلوة اوى اوى
وجامدة جدا ووصفك للمشاعر بتاعة كل حد جامدة جدا
صعبت عليا اوى وحاسة انى اعرفها جدا ويمكن تكون شبهى فى حجات بس هى هتقوم وهتكمل بعد ما قلبها يجمد حبة وتلاقى كل حاجة تستاهلها
هو ربنا يعينه بقى مش مقتنعة بموقفة نوهائى...عارفة نوهائى دى
بس بجد طريقة كتابتك تحفة
انا بعشق التفاصيل

go on sweety

Anonymous said...

البي سي دا يقرب للدبليو سي؟

ولا يكونش من عائلة الا فقاريات من ناحية جوز بنت عمة خالها من ناحية مراة الاب

فاهمة حاجة؟

وأنا كمان من الشنجلاوي دا

ستيته حسب الله الحمش said...

انا وصلتني المعاني من ناحيتها جدا

لكن من ناحيته هو مفهمتش
موقفه غير مبرر
يعني هل يكون مجرد زهق؟

على العموم ما بين التاكسي اللي صدمها
ومابين الراجل اللي برضه صدمها

ها اقول لها

اسمعي اغنية مصدومة بتاعة أليسا

بصراحة هي اللي جت في عقلي وانا بقرأ انفعالتها

مساءك سكر وحلويات يا بساكيتو

Baskouta said...

اهلا يا محمد ازيك
انا بخير الحمد لله
انت اخبارك ايه؟؟
هستنى رايك بعد ما تقرا
تحياتي البسكوتية

Baskouta said...

Ana Keda
انا مبسوطة انها عجبتك
مبسوطة انى عرفت اوصف فعلا والاحساس وصلك من خلال وصفي
انا اول مرة اكتب قصة صغنتوتة
او بمعنى اصح اول مرة اكتب حاجة غير الشعر والخواطر
مبسوطة اوي انك شايفة طريقتي تحفة
ميرسي على التشجيع الجميل
تعالي تاني
تحياتي البسكوتية

Baskouta said...

مصري جدا
اااه بس لو حضرتك تقرالي بوست على بعضه من غير ما تاخد كم كلمة من على الوش وتسيبلي تعليق يموت من الضحك

ميرسي على المتابعة وعلى التعليق
تحياتي البسكوتية

Baskouta said...

لو على الصدمة فهو كمان مصدوم
يمكن مقدرش يقاوم احساسه في لحظة يأس
يمكن محبش يتعبها بمشاكله معاه
يمكن مش قادر يديها الحب اللى تستاهله وهو وسط كل المشاكل
يمكن ضعف قدام كل الضغوط
ولما الحب يتحول لعنصر ضغط بيبقا اكيد مؤلم
مش عارفة يمكن حاجات كتير

هي بقا صدمتها من التاكسي لا توازي اي صدمة تانية ... بس الغريبة انها بعد صدمتها في الرسالة وصدمتها بالتاكسي ..لسة بتقول انه بيحبها
تفتكري ليه مش قادرة تصدق حاجة غير كدة
يمكن خايفة تتصدم اكتر في حقيقة المشاعر اللى عاشوها سوا

هنا بقا اقدر اقول انهم يسمعوا اغنية ...بعدك عني انتحار

تحياتي البسكوتية

Shaimaa said...

it is soooooo hard to feel and give this endless love and the reaction being nothing

you know baskouta .. sometimes we give this sweet feelings to the wrong person .. but we as a humman being creatures we always search for love everywhere all the time ... our only motivation is to find the real one

nice story with a nice telling as usual
good luck

Baskouta said...

Hello sweetie
I so much appreciate the time you devoted to go through my long post.
Thank you sweetie
You know I wrote it and I was not expecting so many readers this time because it is very long post, yet I am very happy you liked it.
I do agree with you we are motivated all the time by our human nature to search for love everywhere.
Wish you love.

reem said...

حلوة اوى اوى يا بسكوتة
انا مشتعرها واحساسها وصلنى جدا جدا حتى كنت سامة دقات قلبها وهى فرحانة وبعد ما اتصدمت كمان

بس هو موقفه بجد غريب يعنى ازاى بيحبها زى ما شفتها متأكده لاخر لحظة من كدا والمرأة لما بتحس ان الراجل دا بيحبها وتكون مقتنعة بكدا تماما يبئا فعلا بيحبها لان نادرا احساس المرأة ما يخطئ

ازاى بيحبها ويقولها سورى

وحش الراجل دا ومش عسول خالص


وحشانى يا بسكوتاية يا عسولة انتى

Baskouta said...

ريما القمر
حبيبة هارتي
انتي قريتيها كلها
لا بجد مش مصدقة
طيب والله كنت فاكرة ان الناس هتحسها طويلة ومملة
انا مبسوطة انك قريتيها وانها عجبتك وانك حسيتيها

تعرفي وانا بكتبها انا كمان كنت سامعة دقات قلب ابطال القصة بس مكنتش فاكرة انى نجحت في انى اوصفها بالشكل اللى يحسسكم بيها

انتى كمان وحشاني اوي اوي اوي
ونفسي اشوفك بقا
ازي البناتيت الحلوين
بوسيهم بوسة بساكيتي

تحياتي البسكوتية

reem said...

طبعا يا بسكوتة لازم اقراها كلها
يعنى بسكوتة حبيبة قلبي تكتب حاجة ومش اقراها كلها ؟
مش ممكن ابدااااااا

وبعدين انتى بتكتبي حلو اوى ياتوتة يعنى تخلي اى حد لازم يقرا

بنوتاتى تمام الحمد لله ياقمر

وبيسلمو عليكى كتييييير كتير
وان شاء الله قريب اشوفك يا بسكوتاية وبجد عاوزه اتكلم معاكى كتير اوى اوى

Baskouta said...

بصي انتي مش متخيلة انتي ضحكتيني ازاي على تعليقك اللى كتبتيه وقولتي انه ليا
انا والله العظيم مش عارفة ابطل ضحك انتي سكر
انا هموت من الضحك
حرام عليكي
هو انا بوستاتي كدة بتأثر على قدرة الناس على التجميع
والكلام بيطلع شنجلاوي على راي هاني المصري جدا

تحياتي البسكوتية الفطسناية من الضحك

عايش... ولكن !!!! said...

ازيك يا بسكوته
بس على فكره البوست مش بساكيتى خالص ده عيش فينو وطويل :))
لا بجد اول ما شوفت البوست قولت هفضل اقرا كل ده وعنجليزى كمان :))
بس بدأت بأول سطرين لقتنى لهلوبه فى القرايه ههههههه والحمد لله بعد عناء مع الامواج وصلت للشط
حقيقى احساس عالى جدا
لدرجه انى حسيت انى ناقصنى حاجه
ناقصنى حد يحبنى الحب ده كله :)
يلا نعمل ايه انا اللى ضيعته من ايدى :))
كده فكرتينى بالذى مضى
ماشى يا بسكوته

Baskouta said...

عايش ... ولكن
اهلا منورني
اااه هو البوست فعلا طويل معلش بقا
بس انا فرحانة انك صارعت الامواج لحد النهاية وكملت قرايته
مبسوطة ان الاحساس وصلك
اسفة اني فكرتك بالذي مضى
ربنا يعوضك عن ما مضى كل خير
فكر في اللى جاي وبلاش ما مضى

مرة تانية بجد ميرسي انك قريته كله
انا عارفة تعبت الناس بالبوست الكبير ده
تحياتي البسكوتية

Anonymous said...

i'm sure he still and will love her
but like you said to Dr.sotayta

( مش عارفة يمكن حاجات كتير )

Biscuit girl

أتمني تكوني بخير

chocolate flavored regards 4 you

محمد فؤاد (صاحب عمود النور) said...


ايه الاسلوب الجميل دا ...تفاصيل بجد رائعة...صورة تحفة انتى رسمها ..وعرفتى تنقلى ليا مشاعر الاتنين ..البنت و الولد..هو فعلا موقف صعب جدااااااااااا

اسلوبك حلو يا بسكوته وسهل وبيوصل بسرعه وتشبهاتك حلوة وقوية
ياريت تستمرى فى كتابة القصه ياريت

Baskouta said...

صاحب عمود النور
كنت مستنية رأيك يا محمد
بجد الاسلوب حلو..؟؟؟
انا فعلا عرفت ارسم صورة واضحة
بجد انا فرحانة ان ده انطباعك

اااااه يا محمد هو موقف صعب اوي

اما عن استمراري في كتابة القصة فمش عارفة ...بلاقي نفسي في الشعر اكتر
بس اكيد لو لقيت فكرة كويسة مش هتردد
ميرسي يا محمد
تحياتي البسكوتية

Baskouta said...

hi Mr.Mohammed
how are you ?
hope you r ok
Do you really think he still loves her.
May be
Thanks for the comment and for the chocolate regards.