Aug 28, 2009

Read The Holy Qur'an

Mr.Amr Khaled's campaign to complete reading the holy Qur'an.

A campaign to finish reading the holy Qur'an for 10.000.000 times.

Let's Live with the holy Qur'an.

Aug 9, 2009

From Fattima To her Yousef

Every day in the early morning
When birds on the trees start singing

When little buds open their shiny eyes
When my little heart sends you smiles

I tell you I love you my dear son
a love as warm as beams of the sun

A love that surrounds you everywhere
A love to tell you how much for you I care.

A love that protects my broken heart from despair
Because of all this separation which is totally unfair

Little son, be sure I will be always waiting for you
And I am quite sure you are waiting for me too

When life makes up her mind to treat us kindly
When our smiles spread over the page of our life widely.

To your heart I send shining stars to enlighten your way
To your beautiful eyes of mine I send a calm love ray
Little son
I am happy only when you are beside me very near.
Life is a marvelous paradise only when you are here.
I want to tell life that I do not care for all what you have done
As long as Yousef is save, happy and having fun

To you , I would say…
My dream of getting you back will stay forever
And in spite of all distances we will be all lifelong together