Jul 26, 2010

That Poor Part of Mine.

If I just can leave this heart in some other place.
If I can throw it far into the wide space.

If it were not for that weak fragile heart.
If only I can live without that poor part.

For it is the secret behind what I feel of pain
For all its naïve dreams simply went in vain.

If I could turn its pieces into ruthless stones.
I would hardly crush that part residing between my bones .

Oh , my heart would you please take off that romance coat.
Just have mercy on me and stop acting as if just off the boat.

Jul 24, 2010

The One Before Me...!!!!

Now you wonder why we are not pleased.
Why all the hopes we shared are now ceased.

This is because of the one you wounded before me.
The tears you left behind like a furious sea.

The despair she felt will always be the curse of our dreams.
The pieces of her broken heart built a block in our happiness streams.

For The joy you betrayed years ago
You will feel the pains she went through..

Your fault can never be redeemed.
For the heart you slaughtered is now seamed.

You thought it is a page in an old book
You could delete , tear out or even lock.

But you forget that life will treat you the same.
For what you did to her true love was a hideous shame.

I hope one day she is able to forget what you did to her.
To forgive the agony to allow life to treat you fair.

Jul 21, 2010


You're there I am here …yet we're still together.
The same air is touching our hearts now and forever.

The same sun shows up every morning to warm up our days.
The same rivers are running hastily to water our bays.

The same moon smiles every eve to our nights.
Sending peace , tranquility together with its lights.

The same sky covers our dreams as if hugging our hands when praying.
With its clouds sometimes windy and furious , other time gently raining.

The same clock is ticking reminding us of the elapsing time.
The same waves are searching the world for a shore giving a mooring sign.

You see in spite of distance, separation …we are living the same world.
With the same air, sun , moon , sky, time and waves we are furled.

Jul 19, 2010

I am out.

When love commits suicide.
The world is no more wide.

The kiss I put over your hand.
Was like a curse haunted your land.

The rose I gave to your life.
Is now bleeding as if thrust by a sharp knife.

The dreams you draw to release my fears.
Collapsed in an awful deep river of tears.

Now your departure will be a blessing.
For this kind of life you'll never be missing.

Now you got to save your heart.

and of your life you better wipe this part.

Sometime we just have to leave...!!!!!!!!

Jul 13, 2010

A Note For Your Heart

For the life we shared.
For the times when you cared.

For the moments of love.
For what we had of tears and laugh.

For the yearning I feel for our time together.
I feel my heart will remain cursed by your love forever.

For the wound you left behind.
For the pains I could not hide.

For those who told me to forget.
For the millions times I tried to neglect.

For I failed to get you out of my heart.
I am here to say your love will never depart.
Baskouta ...

Jul 5, 2010

I am A Blogger ... I am A Blood Donor.

Dear friends ,

Hi every one.

Today's post is an invitation for Solidarity. We all have to share something for the sake of our humanity.

There is no need to talk about donation in general or about the need to collaborate to help our community to get to better conditions. I know you have got your own ways to help others with all type of support , yet Here is another invitation to donate … you are kindly invited to Donate … to Help … to Support …to Give …to Draw a smile … to Save a life … to Take a step towards Social integration …

Although there are many people who are in bad need for money, this is not an invitation to donate money .

Although there are people dying every day out of thirsty & Starvation, this is not an invitation to help affording clean water & food .

Although there are several people who are in real need for only one piece of cloth , this is not an invitation to donate Cloth.

You are required to help saving a life.

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Few drops of Blood can wipe the tears of a patient or a patient relative.
By donating Blood you are drawing a smile….

We all are exposed to get inflected with any disease, the person in need for blood might be your parent , your kid , your friend and might be you.

Help assisting each other.

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Bloggers Blood Bank.

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By Mr.Blogger / Mohammed Al Gharabawy.

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