Jan 31, 2010

An Apology

I am No More able to act and react.
I am No More able to believe in any fact.

I am No More able to deal with people.
My life is No More calm and stable.

I am No More that hoping girl with lovely heart.
I am suffering staying alive for every dream is falling apart.

Dear Readers,

Do not tell me :
Oh this is so sad.
Stop this agony Baskouta
Put an end to this sorrow.
Because this is typically me now…. Do not judge my mood and if you are interested in saying some words , then please judge my words…judge the way I expressed myself…
I am really sorry for all my readers who might feel some sadness because of my writings.
Sorry I am doing just what I need to do … I am letting out the feelings here inside my heart because if I buried them deeply , I will be killing myself.
I am writing to express … I am writing to stay alive.

Dear readers ,
If you feel my blog so sad and boring, then I owe all of you an apology for I do not mean to inflect you with such gloomy mood.

You can refrain from coming to my blog and I will understand this with no blame.
And when I am once again that lovely personality who is expressing lovely moods , then you all are most welcome to visit me all the time.
Dad , mom and every one around me told me that this is not me because I used to be strong , I used to fight sadness , I used to find out the best of every event….But Now I am surrendering …I gave up….I am done.

Wish you all the very best.
Broken Baskouta

Jan 28, 2010

Our Home

شيما - الشعب لابد له من حكومة تشكمه سألتني واكيد كان لاااااااازم ارد

My dear sweet Shima asked me about My Egypt...

For Her , For Egypt and For Love I wrote the following lines:

Egypt… a flag that will forever highly stand.
Egypt is the great Nile and the ancient land.

Egypt is where you feel the smell of history.
Egypt is the land of the pharaoh’s mystery.

Sometimes She is suffering and seems dying.
Yet her people never stop striving and trying.

In Egypt you might see the mosque beside the church.
In spite of every evil , for goodness we never stop our search.

In Egypt some injustice & corruption might prevail .
Yet in the body of Great Egypt this is just a tiny Nail.

Together Egypt’s people are able to remove every pain.
Our prayers to Keep Egypt Save never go in vain.

Our symbols are raising Egypt’s Name high in the Sky.
For Our love for our Dear country can never die.

For Egypt we have so many prosperous dreams.
For every evil to vanish by force of honesty streams.

I am Egyptian , & for this I am so much proud.
I am Egyptian , my heart always says it loud.

Sometimes you are not that kindhearted mother.
Sometimes you hurt , you ignore and bother.

Yet I still love you Egypt, I love you much , I love you more.
This kind of love I can never ignore.

I love you Egypt, I love you much, I love you more
And watching you Great is what I really adore.

Jan 26, 2010

Hearts We Meet

When the Heart is sick .
You better change your Pick.

People with sick hearts.
Give nothing but darts .

When the Heart is weak.
Do not climb up till the peak.

For you will easily fall down.
Fake kingdoms never grant a real crown

When the Heart is broken.
Some words can not be spoken.

First you need to heal the deep wounds.
Before revealing your Love words.
And When the Heart is True.
Make sure You never Let Go.

Jan 25, 2010

Love Equals Light

I told him love equals light.
And we stayed up the whole night.

Flying over and over the sleepy sky.
Passions and tranquility took us high.

I never wanted him to leave.
It is such sweet dream you wanna believe.

To him my heart whispered ..Please stay.
Do not put an end to this lovely ray.

May be it was not meant for me and you.
Yet we still can enjoy it too.

Composed and published in May 2009, I am republishing it coz I do miss this feeling now.

Jan 24, 2010

Loving you is the best I can do

So please let me forget about the time when you go.

Loving you is the best of my way.

So let me dream that it will forever stay.

Loving you will never come to an end.

Keeping it in my heart is what I really tend.

Love in between

You , me and Love In between..

An Imaginary thread that we have not seen..

You are on one side standing still..

Having nothing to do and nothing to tell..

How do you expect an imaginary stream..

To water the dry land of our dream..

Jan 23, 2010

Expiry Date - Before & After

My Love has No Expiry Date.
My Love is the best of my Fate.

It will never come to an End.
It can never Go with the Wind.

My Love has No limits & No mete
My Love made my life so sweet

In my Heart it built Ivory Towers.
For Love , Happiness and Peace will be ours

My Pain has no Expiry Date.
My pain is a deep part of my fate.

It will never come to an End.
It broke things ; life can not amend.

My Pain has No limits & No mete.
For its departure I will never wait

In my heart it lives in an Ivory Tower.
And After years of pain , I know life is Sweet And Sour.

From Baskouta With None Expiring

Jan 21, 2010

The Blind Princess revealing her senses

The Blind Princess.

I can not see what you see.
I need your hand to lead me.

I can not walk your steps.
You got to join me in my trips.

I can not live in your world.
My eyes with darkness are curled.

Would you lend me your eyes.
So that I see the sunrise.

Or you are going to close them.
Trying to feel the darkness realm.

You better be my eyesight.
This way my life changes to be bright.

Jan 20, 2010

Same Rhymes @ Different Times

I know your heart is very pure
Even with all what you endure
With you I have nothing to fear
With you I'm very frank and very clear
with you nothing could stop my song
with you I am so brave & so strong
Now let me tell you the secret for which I delve
It is that with you I dare to be myself



In your love nothing is pure
This pain I can no more endure
With you I know noting but fear
All is vague and nothing is clear
I am done with your dreadful song
I wish I could be so strong
So that a way out I start to delve
To escape and spare my self

Jan 19, 2010

Not a big deal... Just what I feel

When you happy , when you sad

When you cool , when you mad

When you do whatever you do

Wherever you go I'll be with you

When you give me a big smile

Even when you say nothing for a while

Just looking into my eyes

trying to be so wise

You say what’s up? It is not a big deal

To do only what I feel

Jan 11, 2010

While you are away ... I used to say

I love you ...

And this is all I know.

I love you ...

And I can never let go.

I love you ...

And Loving you is the best I can do.

I am ........

Jan 6, 2010

The Day To Walk Away

She said : " I Can not live with out you "
He said : " Sorry But for me it is time to go "

She said : " But you know that Without you I won't survive "
He said :" Something should die for another thing to stay Alive"

She Said : " How can I go on when you are not walking beside "
He said : "Our love is losing its way taking another road that we can not ride "

She said : " Why should we escort our hope to its grave "
He said: " For it is already dying and we can no more save "

She Said : " Will you remember me and our days together "
He said : " Yes I will and I guess we both will do forever "

She looked into his eyes and her tears said I wanted to die before that day
He wiped her tears … kissed her hand then walked away .
From Baskouta With Love.....

Jan 5, 2010

His Mercy

Walking the long road.

Carrying the heavy load.

About to lose your way and your will.

For you the whole world is an ugly hell.

All of a sudden a hand pats on your back.

Granting you what you might lack.

Feeling you are not all alone.

Being invaded by a heavenly tone.

Your heart seems weak and helpless.

Your tears pray for His forgiveness.

Then you feel it deep inside.

That He is sending you a shiny guide .

His Mercy erases any spreading curse.

Saving you and overwhelming the whole earth.


Jan 4, 2010

Happy Birthday To You Dr.Stita



Allow me to send you a kiss.

Because you are the true bliss.

you are an angel from heaven.

This is the least I can say after all what you've given.

You give me love … you give care … you give me much.

You sweetened my life with every gentle touch.

You helped me moving and taking my first steps.

The first thing I learned was the way you moved your lips.

You are always with me wherever I go.

I remember your words about what I should do.

You gave me a lot of warm hugs at times of success.

You kissed away my pains at times of sadness.

Mummy … tell me what can I do just to let you know.

That I need you holding my hand and never let go.

That I missed you so much and I need you here.

That I wish I could be with you everywhere.

I am sorry for all the times when you felt sad.

I am sorry for the times when I could not give you a hand.

Forgive me for sometimes I could not realize your fears.

Forgive me Mom for causing you worries and tears.

I will be fine mom just for your sake.

And this is a promise that I will never break.

From Baskouta To Mum

I Miss You Most

Jan 1, 2010

Stepping Into the New Year.

Stepping into the New Year.

Taking the step from one year to another.

Trying to be brave pulling myself together.

In a point between the two years I saw your hand.

Trying to hold mine grabbing me to your land.

Forgetting all about the elapsing year.

Holding me tight … holding me near.

Hearing nothing but your lovely whispers.

While the leaving year is just reciting her vespers.

Even the silence between me and you was very telling.

Then You said " It is a new year darling … A new beginning "

This is how In My Dreams we spent the New Year Night.

This is how it should be , this is how it would be just right.
From Baskouta With Love