Aug 28, 2010

My old Letters to my imaginary Friends.

Dear my friend,
Here are things I will do.
When I find you.
I'll share with you my secrets.
We dress the same skirts.
We walk hand in hand along the road.
We play like funny animals in the wood.

We talk too much all night long.
Tell you about my favorite song.
And the guy I saw in the club.
and how I loved him like my lollipop.
I come to your home and we both eat.
The cake of your mam which is very sweet.

We go cycling in the back yard.
We say hi to our school's guard.
We save to buy lovely rackets.
We sneak to the zoo with no tickets.
We tease the monkeys and ride the elephant.
Back home we study hard to get the grade Excellent.

We write letters for the moon and the sun.
To come with us to the funfair to get some fun.

We send kisses to the moon with a big hug.
Before going to sleep in a bed that is very snug.

I used to write to my imaginary friend since I was 17 ... Now I am 27 and I never found her.
Friendless Baskouta.

Aug 26, 2010

The Heart's Door.

The Heart's Door

The heart's door is always open.
The heart's path can never be rotten.
It is all about those who inhabit that path.
Some leave wounds behind while others gently pass.

The heart's door can never stop stabs.
It is destiny that brings stabs for digging the gaps.
For some people should always stay away.
And that's what is the gap should do and say.

The heart's door has no locks.
It receives all types of pokes and knocks.
People are most welcome to come in.
Yet escorting them out will be their own sin.

The heart's door will never put a stop sign.
It is an ornamented door covered by a vine.
The gentle visitors can enjoy the shade.
The others will only meet what they made.
" Baskouta "

Aug 18, 2010

Take care.

Take care of your self , for no one else will do.
Or some will do , but never better than you.

Take care of your words and watch your deeds.
Take care where and when you are planting your seeds.

Take care of the steps you are taking up to your mood.
For only one step might drive you out of your chosen road.

Take care of your wounds and the wounds you made.
Sooth some and redeem the others before death brutally wade.

Note : Oh my God ......I am etrafadt .... I have been dismissed from work for prolonging my vacation.Fa eza anta a7'adt agaza wi tawelt showaya fa e3lam anka Marfoodon....Marfoodon ya waladi... ... Al 7amdullelah & kol sana wi ento tayebeen.

Aug 16, 2010

You got to watch this.

It touched my heart so, I wanted to share it with all of you.

May ALLAH accept Our prayers.

Bless you.

Aug 14, 2010

The Eddy we all are leading.

Working......Working......And Some more work

There was no time for Thinking to fork.

So Tired…

In bad need for hitting the sack.

Immediate Sleep

……Deep Sleep.....

And Some more Sleep.

Then.... Suddenly....Oh my God It's 7:00 A.m

Hurry Up….

Back to Work.... Again the Work Cycles begin.

No Space for the bad Thoughts to show up … No time to Listen to the hurting snubs….
There is No Room for the ugly thoughts ….
This is the best plot to Block their Piratical Boats.

Then … Finally Collapsing

No more ability to work.

No More Sleep.
Thoughts brutally invade the heart and the mind.
No more ability to avoid , to resist or even to decide.

Thoughts are in race like furious waves.

The Fragile entity inside is ruined.

Finally Depression is Here.



One big loud NO.

When in awfully bad mood
When full of sadness load

When the heart is burdened with pains.
When despair is running your veins.
Pull the pieces of your life together.
Face it bravely and storm the grief river.
Stand by your will and give it a try.
Cast the resistance spell and let sadness die.

Despair will escort you only to Depression… and Depression to Death.