Jul 27, 2009

Yes we Broke up, Yet I am Not Sorry.

I am Not Sorry …now we are Apart.
May be I've not got a new life to start
May be in my heart no love will show up
Yet it was the right decision to break up.

You used to smash my heart with cool blood
You turned the pure innocent love to a fatal mud.
You never felt pity for this broken heart of mine
In your love I never saw the anticipated sunshine

My flowing tears have got nothing to say.
Except for one hurting request of " Please Stay away"

I promise not to forget you or your love
Because anyhow it was all a gift from above

I will just do my best to cure my wounds
To set my self free from such deadly love bonds.

When you are away I know I will not be happy ,yet I will get the peace of mind
And after all this is exactly what I've been trying to find.

Again… My tormented soul says I am not sorry we are apart.
Farewell to you … and another Farewell to my heart

Jul 20, 2009

Sorry, This Is Not LOVE

A message sent by those who know well what is the meaning of love, devotion , affection & fondness To all those who claim that they are good lovers.

Sorry this is not love.
When you say you miss me ,while you are not showing this , Then it is not love.

When you say you care for me , yet you are not doing your best to make me happy, Then this is not love

When you say you need me , yet when I need you I never find you , Then this is not love

When you keep giving me promises , and satisfy none of them , Then this not love

When you say you will do every thing to make me happy, while you are not even doing the little tiny things that could please my heart , Then this is not love.

When you say my smile is your inspiration , yet you are not avoiding provoking my tears , Then this is not love.

When you say you can not live without me , while you are having fun forgetting that you are leaving a lonely heart behind , Then this is not love.

When you say you will always be near , while you are always away , Then this is not love.

When you say you want meto be your partner for lifetime , while you are staying still with no steps towards achieving our dream , Then this is not love.

When you say that I am your soul mate , while when I am away you do not feel any difference , Then this is not love.

So next time when you tell me " I Love you" I would just say : Sorry this is not Love.

You Do not know what is love.
And for this I pity you , because those who do not know the meaning of love can never experience it.

May be you can go to look it up in any dictionary , however , this is not so much helping , because for Love , it is either to be born with us ,or it will never be.

Jul 17, 2009

I Live in your Heart

I live in your heart.

I love you with all my heart because
It is your heart where I belong.
I can not just let go of this love
For Your love is what keeps me deep inside all along.

I've waited for the charming sun to
Shed its beautiful light over this heart of mine.
I waited for the buds of the flowers
To spread its scent allover my lifeline.

Now for sure you know why
When you are not here I am so sad
It is because your heart is my home
And only at our homes we feel glad

I feel so much comfort and peace
I rest in your heart like on a fluffy bed
So please darling never let me out
Because out of it I will be dead…

Jul 6, 2009

عفوا !!!!!!!!!!!!!! د\مروة الشربيني ليست ضحية الحجاب

To all those who used to follow my blog to read my posts in English language…To all those who used to see only poems and small articles in this blog in which I express my feelings: Dear readers Allow me to express my feelings this time in Arabic…As the anger here inside me is so furious and it is urging me to give a loud cry in my native language addressing those who feel so much pain for the murder of the late Dr.Marwa El Sherbini.

عفوااااااً!!!!!!!!!! مروة الشربيني ليست ضحية الحجاب.

د\مروة الشربيني رحمها الله واسكنها فسيح جناته
ليست ضحية الحجاب.
مروة الشربيني ضحية الجهل ... جهل العالم... جهل الغرب
اه جهل ومفيش كلمة تتقال غير كدة
يعني لو كان واحد تاني مسلم واتقتل لمجرد انه مسلم على ايد واحد متعصب كنا هنقول انه ضحية الإسلام ... لاااااااااااااااا المفروض نقول انه ضحية جهل العالم بمعنى الاسلام ... بسماحة الإسلام ... بروح الإسلام.
جهل ومش عارفة اقول غير كدة....
يعني هو العالم يعرف ايه عن دينا.... يعرف ايه عن الإسلام؟؟؟
يعرف انه دين الإرهابيين... دين المتخلفين...دين الهمج...بس كدة وشكرا
وانهم واجبهم يحاربوا الجهلة والهمج تحت شعار الحرب على الإرهاب
والمشكلة اننا عارفين وساكتين... اه ساكتين
عملنا ايه إحنا علشان نقول للعالم ايه هو الإسلام؟؟؟؟؟
عملنا ايه علشان نصلح الصورة اللى شوهها بعض منا بجهلهم برضه..
والمشكلة التانية هو ان إحنا دايما ,اقصد باحنا هنا " الشرق" مطلوب مننا نتثقف ونتعلم ونعرف عن الحضارات الاخرى ..اصل مينفعش نبقا منغلقين ... مينفعش مانعرفش عن الناس دول ... دول سادة العالم واحنا المتخلفين اللى لازم نعرف عن دينهم , عن حضارتهم , عن تقاليدهم اللي لازم نحترمها. لااااازم نعرف ونتعلم علشان نرقى لمستوى التعامل معاهم.
إنما هم لاااااااااااااا ... مش مطلوب منهم ابدا يعرفوا عن الحضارات بتاعة العالم الثالث ... عالم الهمج.؟؟؟ طيب عملنا ايه إحنا علشان نخليهم يعرفوا عننا.... ولا حاجة
مجرد بكاء على الاطلال.. احنا كنا وكنا وكنا ... لكن عمرنا ما عملنا حاجة تخلينا زي ما كنا.

يا كل مسلم وجعك موووووووووت د\مروة ... احزن وازعل وادعيلها بس شوية وفكر ممكن تعمل ايه تخلي الناس دي تغير فكرتها عن الإسلام... مش هقول عندي افكار لكن هقول ان شاء الله هحاول ... ان شاء الله هعمل كل اللى اقدر عليه علشان اغير مفهوم ولو واحد بس من الناس دي عن الاسلام.

مش عارفة أقول ايه غير ان د\مروة ضحية جهل المتعصب اللى قتلها ... إنسان جاهل ميعرفش حاجة عن دينا غير انه دين إرهاب...
علشان كدة بقول لكل الإعلاميين اللى طول الوقت بيقولوا د\مروة ضحية الحجاب... عفوا د\ مروة مش ضحية الحجاب
د\مروة ضحية الجهل.
الله يرحمها ويرحمنا معاها... الله يصبر اهلها واحنا كلنا اهلها.
وسلااااااااااااام ده ان كان لسة في العالم ده معنى للسلام

Jul 5, 2009

Which Pen should I pick????0

If I pick the pen which color is pink.
Between me& you I will draw a lovely Link.

If I pick the pen which color is red.
I will draw a heart as innocent as the heart of a kid.

If I pick the pen which color is yellow.
From our lives I will remove any shadow.

If I pick the pen which color is blue.
For you I will write words as soft as the morning dew.

If I pick the pen which color is white.
I will grant you a way full of glittering light.

If I pick all the pens with all colors.

For you I will draw a bunsh of flowers.

Once More We Are Together

Happy For hearing Your Voice…
Your Words Make My Heart Rejoice…

Darling , In Your Absence I was Dying…
But Now My Heart Starts Dancing & Flying…

The Tears In My Eyes Were Flowing Like The Nile…
But Now My Eyes Begin To Shine & Smile…

Promise Not To Be Away Once Again…
Promise To Remove From My Heart This Awful Pain…

Once Again , I Feel The Happiness Of Love…
To Me, The love In my Heart Is Enough…

In Your Eyes I Can See Warm Love Beams…
That Enlighten My Life And My Dreams…