Oct 30, 2010

Departing rules.

If I have only Ten days to depart.
I won't let pain break my heart.

I would spend Nine of them with you.
Telling you how much I do not want to let go.

And in the Tenth day I will be just writing you a very long note.
That would help you after I ride the departure boat.
My last wish would be "Stay Well my dear".
For after Farewell there will be no Fear.

Oct 27, 2010

The Heart Manual.

Wait before you approach.
You got to stop and watch.

If you are looking for a place to rest.
Then you better find another spot to test.

Here is a place to settle and a life to be built up.
It is not for playing games and wasting time like a transit stop.

Before you come in there are some rules to be read.
This is for your sake and for the good life you want to lead.

Following the rules is not that hard task.
I just need you to be yourself with no mask.

To take my hand when I am down.
To give me a smile that wipes any frown.

To keep me warm when it is cold outside.
to understand me when my thoughts find no place to hide.

To make me a queen beside you my king.
So that I pronounce that you're my everything.


If you would like to be my king
Then make me a Queen over your everything.
A king needs a Queed not a Maid.

Oct 24, 2010

Millions of Congratulations

Congratulation on your Graduation dear Adel


Thousands of Mabrooooooook.

Hope you love this humble celebration.

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Oct 21, 2010

Sweet Tolerance

When you meet my smile with a frown.
You are depriving you love from the cordiality crown.

When you meet my flower with a fight
You are ignoring my trial to put things right.

When you meet my tender words with a shout
you are turning my belief in your tolerance into doubt.

When you meet my apology with indifference
You are helping our love to lose its fragrance.

Oct 15, 2010

The Heart Traveler.

The Heart Traveler.

I am traveling the roads you went through
I am walking over the steps you left behind you.

I am following the signs your heart planted for mine.
And I promise not to stray that sentimental line.

So , you are totally free to run away.
For I am gonna find you someday.

And when this happen , you will hear no blame from me.
I'll just kiss your heart for it guided me as it should be.

I'll only thank my soul for it did not fail my faith.
Because for you I was ready to follow every single trace.

Baby finding you is my everything in this life.
And for that dear dream I will forever strife.

I will travel the world for just a night by your side.
And I know at that night you will never allow your love to hide.

Oct 14, 2010

Archive of The Heart.

The old archivist is sitting in silence.
Watching A lot of rooms prevailed by madness.

Many events go by.
Some are easy some are high.

And he is only to receive.
Files to be put in the dusty Archive.

Memories from here and there.
Apology sheets from everywhere.

Dust is covering albums and files.

Stacking them is the only thing that wiles.

Some albums are to stay open wide.
Others should be sealed and put aside.

He will always wait for new sheets to come.
To count them and write down the final sum.

He is allowed to read but not to comment.
Just to go through yet with no lament.

And when the archive is full.
He is to revise the whole roll.

To find out what to discard.
And what to keep in the back yard.

For there must be an empty room.
Till the heart meets its doom.

Sometimes he is done with all this.
But he knows this is not to end but by death.


When your file is sent to Archive... then in my life you're not welcome any more.

Oct 8, 2010

As you Read your Books.

Can you please read my Heart
Will you please escort my Soul.
Can you just play that part
Of Holding me before I fall.

Can you see behind a smile.
Can you feel things inside.
Would you just wait for a while
So that I reveal what I hide.
Sometimes we think we are well experienced in Reading..Yet it always requires much effort to Read the Heart of your Partner.

Oct 3, 2010

I won't Tell.

We are no more together.
You are finally out of my suffer.

Now we have nothing to share.
There is no need to show any care.

I do not need this pitiful talks.
My heart is too old to take these mocks.

Do not take the burden to relief my pain
Winter is coming and tears will flow with rain.

No one will notice my distress.
Do not worry I won't tell about our miss.
When it is time to leave ... take all your talks and simply. leave.