Dec 31, 2010

Best of 2010.

Just more few hours and a brand New Year Starts so ,
it's Time to get even with 2010.

Best of 2010

· A day in the Book Fair – February 2010.
· An outdoor Birthday Party with Friends - March 2010.
· Start of Spanish Courses – April 2010.
· New acquaintances along the courses.
· Trip to Aswan by car " such an adventure " – August 2010.
By the way , yea I know it is very weird to get August & Aswan
@ the same sentence, but what can I do its Dad.
· Safari Trip to Oasis area – September 2010.
· A Special outing With my German Friend Miraim @ Cairo – October 2010.
· Balloons Days " An outing @ Cairo Citadel and Flying Wishes balloons
from above Kasr El Nil Bridge". – November 2010.
· And Finally " A very Special Day - December 2010.

Finally ,

"Thank you God for the good things you gave to me…"
" Thank you for Supporting me at down times "
" Thank you for saving and protecting me from evils "
" Thanks for helping me through the hard times "

" Sorry for the times I tripped and committed mistakes being disobedient
in spite of your Generosity with me " Please Forgive me "

"Help me to go through my life the way you like."

"Bless those whom I most love and all my dear family members ,
friends and acquaintances.
And turn their own dreams into reality."

Please God Only you know my heart and you know the dreams
and hops settled in it so, please help me turning them into reality.

"I love you Allah"

Happy New Year 2011 All Dear Bloggers

" مش عارفة بس نفسي اعرف "

" روح قلب ماما "

" البلد دي فيها حكومة "

" نط في الكوز "

" بابي "

" تركيب "

" شوية فضفضة "

" Shape your Life "

" Sharm Life "

" Mafrousa "

" My Heart is not for Sale "

" شوية ورق "

" اسف على الازعاج "

" بيطرية ومش بايدي "

" رسائل بلا بريد "

" Straight From the Heart "

" شمس النهار "

" بنت خيخة واي كلام "

" دموع قد تكون حزن او فرح "

" Rawanies"

" Star in the Sky "

" همس الاحباب "

" رياح الحنين "

" صيدلانية طالعة نازلة "

" سكرة وبحر الحياة "

" هجايص "

" قهوة بالفانيليا "

" عجوز وعندي 30 "

" عمود نور "

" رحلة البحث "

" الروقان مع كوباية شاي "
" صمت الغروب "

" واحد شاي "

"تعبت بجد "

" Volta "

" نبضات قلب ولهان "

" حكايات بوبو "

وكل كل المدونين

اسفة لو نسيت حد

Happy New Year 2011.
بالاسباني كمااااااااااااان

Dec 28, 2010

Love Arrest.

Just stay here and freeze.
Listen to me and hold your breathe.

According to our love test.
You are under arrest.

There is no way to escape me.
You got to lead it the way it should be.

And for our love to stay away from any roughs.
I brought you & me these elegant cuffs.

So that we are eternally tied to each other.
To live Happily everafter with nothing to bother.
Some Pinky Fantasy
From Crazy Baskouta .

Dec 24, 2010

The AfterLife

He told her referring to his heart…. "Many beautiful girls passed by this part, yet none of them stayed ,some of them left , some were abandoned and some other girls were expelled. I bet I am cursed with depature".
She replied holding his hand close to her heart " But I came to Stay….and I will Stay"

I live in your heart.
Nothing can take me apart.

May be bruises are all around.
May be face of love is now frowned.

Yet we still can dream that one day in the afterlife
We will live happily as man and wife.

Dec 15, 2010

Do Not Break it

My heart is not that type .
It is a gift tied by pinky stripe.


Its spark needs only care
To show up and flare.

Please keep it smooth.
Do not let it for bruise


It's an oath you should take.
That this heart , you'll never forsake.
P.S. I drew this Pic.

Dec 3, 2010

Friday, 3rd December 2010 / 7:30 a.m

Two little puppies cuddling each other.
In a deep sleep just right beside their mother.

At their sight I felt my breathe is taken away.
How cute? Their innocence made my day.

This is what I saw in the early morning hours.
Maybe life is just saying:
" I've got sweet things beside the sours"

Dec 1, 2010


Memories tighten time distance.
It also sustain aging resistance.

It might help you shine.
Or take your mind to its shrine.

In memories every sense is harder.
It places you in a raft with no harbor.

A Non stop flow of heavenly feelings.
Even words acquire different meanings.

Human memory is an everlasting mystery.
That immortalizes many over history.