Mar 20, 2012


بكل الحب بهديها
لكل ماماهات العالم
To All Mothers of the World.

واللي مستنين وصول بيبيهات
Mothers to be.
واللي عندهم حلم يبقوا مامات
Motherhood dreams.
والبنوتات اللي بيلعبوا ماماهات بالعرايس النونات
Baby girls playing with baby dolls.

Mar 11, 2012

On the Mirror

Using her pinky lip stick he wrote

On her mirror a lovely note.

When she crawled out of her bed

She found that he left with no kiss on the head.

She frowned thinking of their last night fight.

She hoped they had a talk to put things right.

But looking at the mirror she was happily surprised.

The note says:

" whatever happened, do not let me sleep without you by my side"

LOve the way YOU LOvE ME