Sep 26, 2009

I am sorry

am sorry my heart I have to leave this dream
It is a dream that is not meant to enjoy the sunbeam

I am sorry my love we have to stay away.
For In your life I have no role to play.

I left because there is no space for me...
I departed and in your heart I left the key....

Because I locked away my heart...
Since we decided to get apart...

Dear my love I beg your pardon
I am no more able to take this burden.

Take care of yourself and be sure life will go on.

Sep 22, 2009


Because I love you , I will wait for tomorrow.
From your life I will strive to remove any sorrow.

Because I love you , I will forget all the sadness.
And in your life I will spread moments of happiness.

Because I love you , I will write your name in my heart.
And my name in yours , so that we can never get apart.
Because I love you, I will tightly hold your hand.
Telling you" Never let go... Never leave my land".

Because I love you ,I will do my best for this love to stay.
For this tie between you and me to find its own way.

Because I love you , I will keep saying " I love U ".
And I hope you will keep saying it too.... I LOVE YOU


Sep 21, 2009

In My Dreams.

He whispered to me with a Love word.

The word invaded my heart and changed my World.

I felt the whole world is dancing.

The flowers and the birds are singing.

The Whole Place was full of Joy and Glow.

He put his hand around me and we danced Slow.

I got the feeling that He is my lover.

I wanted to keep dancing forever.

Then we had a wonderful Kiss.

At this moment I felt I am in a Myth.

I woke up to find myself Smiling.

I told every body "It is a wonderful Morning".

They Looked at me , then Asked.... Why??

I told them " To know why ? you have to Try.

Sep 19, 2009

Happy Feast

I just want to say

May the blessings of Allah surround you all the time.