Aug 29, 2011

كل عيد وكل لحظة

من غيرك ....الكلمة دي كترت أوي في حياتي ... ولسة هتكتر

ربنا أكبر

كل سنة وكل الناس طيبة وبخير

Happy Feast

مصري جدا
انا كدة
محمد غرباوي
احمد سووو
مونتي بوكيه ورد
شمس النهار
Shape your life
قهوة بالفانيليا
Silver eyes
blue wave
شيرين سامي
عاشقة الرومانسية
داليا قوس قزح

يارب كل عيد وكلكم في أحسن حال

لو نسيت حد
يفكرني هو ويقولي كل سنة وانا طيبة


كل عيد وكل لحظة وانت في قلبي وحاسس بيا
يا حبيبي يا بابا

Aug 20, 2011


Allow me to enter your heart tonight.

I brought every thing.

Oh , what about the candles?

As I know and Allah knows that your heart is sitting all alone in that far corner celebrating the birthday of your dearest one with your tears.

Here I came to share you that day and to celebrate it my own way.

It won't be a big party and there will be no guests or friends , we would not even make a cake…and the meant one would not even be here.

All what we are going to do is to open the door of your heart , light twelve candles to enlighten your heart hoping that this light will reach his own heart , then we will tell our prayers.

So it's you , your heart , me , the candles and Allah.

Let's party in a totally different way.

How many candles should I bring??

Yea 12 candles with 12 prayers.

May Allah hear all our prayers.

Here are the prayers of your Heart:

The First Candle:

I pray that my son always knows where he is supposed

to be, and goes there and what he’s supposed to do and

does it.

The Second Candle:

I Pray that he grows and develops

spiritually and loves Allah with all his heart

The Third Candle:

I pray that my son always knows the difference

between good and evil.

The Fourth Candle:

Allah , wherever my son is, I am sure you are protecting him

The Fifth Candle:

I ask You to remove from my son’s life any people

or influences that are not supposed to be there.

The Sixth Candle:

When the storms of life try to break apart his ship, please Allah guide him to the shore where he restores his powers.

The Seventh Candle:

Please Allah give my son good health, regular sleep, food and good education

The eighth Candle:

Bless him with Your everlasting grace

The Ninth Candle:

Please bring him back to my life. Coz a life with out him is no life at all.

The Tenth Candle:

May all his dreams become true


The Eleventh Candle:

May he be happy May he be safe. May he be peaceful. wherever life takes him

The Twelfth Candle:

Send him smiles at the time of sadness,

send him sunsets to warm his heart ,

send him hugs when in need for support,

send him friendship to brighten his life, send him faith so that he stays close to you,

send him confidence when in doubt,

send him patience to accept the truth and please send him love to complete his life.


And Finally , I wish

A better future for him and all his beloved ones.

This is the BirthDay Party I made For


Fatima's Son

August 21

May Allah Bless both of them

Please Fatima Do not be Sad Coz he is away

One day love will bring him back to you and he will stay



Aug 12, 2011

I Love you God

God listens to the wishes of our hearts.
Believe me…
I went through this yesterday.
I was crying hard.
I said my wish knowing that it can never be…. I just was in bad need for Dad so, all I wanted was to Hug Dad.
Only one single hug for the last time.
I said, may be I just need to calm down and to get some sleep, Then time passed & I could not sleep.
I knew God will help me through this , but I never knew that it will be so soon.
Yea.... after about 5 hours I fell asleep and here I am.
I had a dream in which Dad came through the door and I hugged him tightly saying
" El 7amdulelah you are here dad ".

God is here …I know it by heart.
But when He listens to my wish and just fulfills it that soon… I find myself speechless.
Thank you God for sending Dad to my dreams so that I achieve my sweet wish of hugging him even if it is Just a dreams ,I still feel the warmness and kindness of his hug.

بحبك اوي يا ربنا
الحمدلله على نعمة الأحلام

الحمدلله على نعمة الايمان