Apr 19, 2010

I Got To Hit The Road.

Where do I begin.
To tell about this fin.

I can no more wait.
For now it is too late.

I waited for you to understand.
To help me up...to give me a hand.

You enjoyed me… being in need.
While doing nothing to help indeed.

I wanted nothing but your being here.
I wanted you to stay with me very near.

To take the thorns away when giving me a flower.
To liberate my heart from this isolation tower.

To watch my steps while walking back into life.
To tell me where to go and when to stop to avoid any strife.

To listen to my heart when I want to complain.
To do your best to remove my pain.

I did not want an angel , I wanted a true friend.
To take this trip with me till my life comes to an end.

Now I got to say farewell my dear.
For I & my heart can no more bear.

This departure road got to be hit.
For I do not want to feel that awful regret.

You are not that true friend so, I got to go.
I am leaving because I do not want to hate you.

The True Friend is someone with whom you dare to be yourself.

Apr 12, 2010

Biscuit with Honey

I can't Let go.
Of the word " Miss You"

Because there or hear.
I always need you near.

As day & night I miss your heart
& I will forever do till death do us apart.

So please do not feel bored.
Of that "Miss You" word.

I might be saying it every minute.
Yet in fact my heart feels it every single moment.

Baby , when the Biscuit first Sinks in the Honey.
The Biscuit knows ,it gonna live days so lovely and sunny.

Honey Flavored Biscuit.

Apr 4, 2010

Is it Easy?????

It was not easy getting you.

And It is not easy to let go.

It was not easy to live this tale &to feel that love.

And it is not easy to wake up one day to say enough.

It was not easy for us to solve that code.

And it is not easy to just hit the road.

It was not easy riding the dreams cart.

And it is not easy for this dream to fall apart.

And when you wanted to leave.

It was not easy for me to resist.

But what can I do if you insist.