Sep 29, 2010

Sugar & Tea

A cube of sugar.
Is sitting in suffer.

Waiting for a merciful hand
To water its yearning land.

Just two fingers to hold and drop
In that cup of tea so that pains stop.

for what is between sugar and tea
is harmony that everyone can see.

So the moment hot tea shows up
Sugar is longing for the bottom of the cup.

By the way : I do not drink tea ..I do not even know its taste

Sep 26, 2010


Sins are here and there.
Faults are everywhere.

No one is sinless.
Then why we do the mess.

You better Refrain from slander.
Or there will be no wonder.

When someone defame you.
For what you meet is what you do.

When telling some of the ugly fudge.
Remember, Nothing can erase the smudge.
"He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her."
Jesus/The Holy Bible.John 8:7.

Sep 24, 2010

Lost Dreams...

Wings of joy are broken.
Nothing of this is left but a token.

Love , friendship and coziness.
Are Sweet dreams turned into a mess.

Cruel waves escorted our boats.
To a deserted shore with loneliness thoughts.

Happy now with what we sustain ??
I think " No " is the only answer we would gain.
Dear My Friends,
I am Sorry.
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Sep 17, 2010


Oh poor broken heart.
How can I fix this part.

Should I use some glue.
Or this would make the heal slow.

What about a needle and a thread.
Or this might hurt you turning you dead.

Should I cover the crack by a shiny sticker.
But this has no cure and it might make you weaker.

Would it be good to apply a plaster.
For doing nothing makes the crack grow vaster.

What should I do for this.
Oh please help in such mess.

The last option is to cut the sick piece.
May be this brings you some peace.

I know this is hard and tears will cover you face.
But this is the last option … Sorry I can not replace.

I would do any thing to let this repair succeed.
even if this option is not what you really need.

Baskouta... The Surgeon.

رسالة حب وسلام اجمل ما يكون
دوس هنا

Sep 16, 2010


Looking into your Heart... Asking it:

" How are You?"
What answer do you Expect???
If your Heart will answer your inquiry by sending you
An Emotion
" A face "

What Face Do you expect at this very moment?????

What face has life drawn over the page of your Heart???

The Smiling one.


The Frowning one.

The Sad one.

The Angry one.

The Confused one.

The Shocked one.

The Cheerful one.

The Dreaming one.


The Worried one.

The Straight one.

The Winking one.

The Injuried one.

As for me I am gonna send all of you this face:

From Baskouta With Love.

Sep 13, 2010

Will you???

Writing your name over my page.
My heart no more feels its age.
Once again I'm that little kid.
Will you then flirt me as you said.


Sep 7, 2010

Wh ... Game

Would you tell me Why
Did you bring tears to my eye?

Should I tell you How
Could you heal the pain I feel now?

Would you tell me Where
Can I go to spare this nightmare??

Should I tell you When
Will I forgive you this sin??

Would you tell me W
Way can I avoid the departure ditch?

Should I tell you Who
Can help our love to grow?

Would anybody tell us What
Should we do to cure this cut??

Hmmmmmmm ..... Would you...??? Should I...???


Sep 5, 2010

The scattered Beads.

The necklace beads scattered.
They can no more be gathered.
I thought the thread is strong.
And nothing will go wrong.
I held it close to my heart.
But destiny took it apart .
Now nothing could heal.
What the poor beads feel.
No hand can bring them together.
May be their fate is to stray forever.

Sep 4, 2010

I am so lucky to have my dear loneliness.

Each time I try to break my loneliness …I receive awful shocks which bring me back to my isolation.
Thanks for those whom I thought would give me a hand at times of weakness.
Thanks for those who could not understand my pain.
Thanks for those who could not stand my upsets.
Thanks for making the decision of" turning back to isolation" very easy.
Thanks for not appreciating my urgent need for your existence in my life.
I am fine.