Apr 30, 2009

For My Friends

To M & E

Happy Anniversary.

May Allah, the best maker of all combinations , Combine your hearts into one.

May Allah bless you and bring you together in the best way he considers.

Only Allah knows How yoou fall in love

He is the only one who might


I wish you best of luck.

Apr 26, 2009

Waiting for you...

I'm Tired Of Waiting For you.
Are You Waiting For Me Too?

IF So, Please Come Quickly.
I Need Your Love Badly.

Come & Let Me Enjoy Your Kindness.
Because I'm Dying Out Of Loneliness.

Please Let The Day Of Your Coming Be Near.
You Know! In spite Of Your Absence , To Me You are Very Dear.

I'm Dreaming Of Meeting You With Red Flowers.
When Love, Passion, Joy And Glee Will Be Ours.

Every Night Before Sleeping.
I Send You My Love Greeting.

Wishing To Be A Spirit Of Gleam.
To Make A Visit To Your Dream.

To Tell You How Much My Land
Misses The Touch Of Your Hand.

Apr 11, 2009

It is the same more or less

I Was Looking At The Sky***
Thinking That One Day I Shall Die***

Then Suddenly I Saw A Star***
I Felt It Is Very Near ,However Being Very Far***

The Star Was Like Me Standing Alone***
Both Of Us Suffered A lot From The Loneliness Tone***

The Light Of The Star Was Fainting***
Because For It is End It Was Lamenting***

To My Eyes Came A very Hot Tear***
My Heart Was Full Of Sorrow And Fear***

My Soul Was Saying "Good Bye" To My Body***
While The Star Was Standing Very Steady***

Then The Star Sent Me A Long Tailed Beam***
I Caught It ,Then I Flew In The Gleam***

I Asked The Star:" Was That True??***
Please Just Tell Me That you Feel It Too."

The Star Answered : " Just Look At Me***
And Tell Me What Can You See" ***

Can You See… Life Or Death***
You Know… It Is The Same More Or Less***

So much hurting WHY


For my Tears...


For my Broken Heart



Does any one have any answer...Coz I have NONE
It is an awful world we are leading...
killing every virtuous feeling...
It is you ... me ... and every one...
standing all alone under the burning sun...

Apr 3, 2009

Never Say I feel lonely.

When you feel so lonely & need
a friend…Just close your eyes and remember all the sweet memories you enjoyed throughout your life time…just remember then you will be surprised to find out that you had so many friends …yes it is a real fact …we always have friends …May be they are away ….May be they are not here near any more….May be we lost them or they lost us in the crowded path of life… May be we departed forever…Yet believe it or not we still friends … those whom you remembered still are your friends in spite of departure , distance or time … They are you friends and they will remain so…Simply because such sweet memories will combine you and them all the time. It is a string tight connection that can not be resolved … can not be wracked …can not be ignored…. It is the sweet friendship you , me and others share one time in this life… So be happy & Never say " I am Lonely " Never say " I am desperate "… because you will always have a chance to restore your friends via your everlasting memories with them.

I will always miss my friends … I will always visit our memories together …so that we feel happy once again …so that we share all the sweet times over and over again.

To all those who shared me sweet memories …. We will always meet in the world of our memories… So Keep in touch and I wish you will never lose your way to this lovely world."
I loved you so much when we were together and I love you again once we are together among the whispers of our memories