Nov 30, 2009

Once more I am all alone.

Please most dreadful time , I got enough of this awful pain.
My mind , my heart and my soul are no more able to sustain.

all along my way You have been spreading cruel thorns.
Do not you feel that those dark nights got to have some morns.

Do not you feel tired of striking me severely in my hopes.
Do not you want to stop weaving and wearing these evil robes.

Ok, keep going on your evil and I am surrendering till death.
Because I am now convinced that fighting you is only a myth.

I expected my love to support me so that we fight together.
But, he told me that his sailing boat is riding another river.

And here I am once more facing you all alone.
All what I got is the hurting bitterness moan.

Nov 27, 2009

I Will Always Love YOu

Nov 25, 2009

Happy Feast to All of You

Sadness Tone

Dear my love ,I knew it from the very first moment.
This overwhelming feeling will get to a hurting limit.

I knew I will definitely play the sadness tone.
And once again I will lead this life all alone.

I am sure one day you will leave my heart broken.
And one morning the flaming senses will be frozen.

Baby I know our love boat got to sink in the departure tears.
I knew this , yet I can not help dreaming of our love lasting for years.

Darling , I am not angry &I can never blame you for what you say.
And I promise , when it is time to leave , I won't ask you to stay.

These are my promises to you, to love and cherish till the end
And to keep the space you carved in my heart unfilled.

I knew I will definitely play the sadness tone.
And once again I will lead this life all alone.

Nov 19, 2009

I Love my Doll

My doll is the only true friend of mine.
She is always hear when sad & when fine.

Whenever I look at her face I get a smile.
She never leaves my bed even for a while.

She is wearing an elegant orange dress
Looking like the stars showing up in the press.

She sleeps between my arms like a little rose.
The cheeks of my doll are lovely and smooth.

I love you my doll , That is all what I would say.
I remember when I first hold you & I love that day.

My Sweet Doll Lolitaaaa

Nov 16, 2009

We Need To Talk

Please my love , just wait and sit down.
We need to talk , we need to remove this frown.

Why every time you decide to go.
I am your beloved , I am not your foe.

This time , I am really in need for your stand.
And I am expecting you to give me a hand.

Why can not we strive to save our love.
Do you really think , it is time to say enough.

We used to enjoy the tie between me and you
We never imagined what we went through.

We thought our hearts can never be apart.
We believed our love will never ride the death cart.

But , now you are failing all our promising hopes
And if I followed your desperate steps we will be dopes.

Please my love , just wait and sit down.
We need to talk , we need to remove this frown.

Nov 14, 2009



يااااااااااااااااارب النصر لمصر


Nov 11, 2009

STOP!!!.... Theif !!!!....

Have you ever tried to steal
Do you know how it would feel

Stealing the heart of someone
Leaving him indulged in stun

You steal , yet with a smart eye and a trick of love
taking over of the heart without being cruel or tough

you depart leaving a disturbing wound behind
you discover that the heart you stole is one of a kind

time goes by then finally you regret
start thinking of the one you left.

You come back to fix that torn fate
But ,unfortunately ,it happens to be too late.

Nov 9, 2009

A Message being sent everyday by every one at moments of Despair.

Dear Most hurting Life,
Allow me to announce my Surrender.

I feel so much depressed. You life turned to be a nightmare. Nothing is getting better. Time is standing still as if I am stuck into a gloomy dull bog of frustrations.
I am failing myself… I am surrendering to despair. I am no more able to fight. I am withdrawing from this awful battle…. Each time I am trying to help myself , I face more frustrations. Then why should I keep trying… Let it be as it is … I no more care.
I am telling you life … I surrender. I gave up all my dreams.
I am losing my fighting spirit … I am sinking in the eddy of my tears.
I am suffocating… I am letting go of all my aspirations.
I am announcing it loud here You Won.
Sure , it is killing me to announce my weakness ,yet this is what I am … So feeble…
So Desperate …
and I surrender.

Nov 8, 2009

About Love

All what old stories say
Is that
you will know everyday


Falling in love.
A gift from above.

Your heart is being taken.
Then back to you , yet broken.

You never wanted it back.
You can't take this rack.

Your mind is trying hard to understand.
The reason behind things you can't stand.

But finally, life tries to uncover your sin.
It is all about allowing love to get in.