May 22, 2009

Recalling those days...

Walking all alone along that gloomy road.
Simply Recalling the days of childhood
When you used to have a heart that was just pure
Leading life happily being so much secure.

Those days when enjoying peace of mind.
Revealing everything coz you have nothing to hide.
Comparing you now to you in the past.
You will discover that life has gone so fast.

Now you are a man of a broken heart.
And a soul that is about to ride the death cart.
Now you miss all what you used to feel.
Suffering so much wounds where nothing could heal.

And a mind full of burdens and sickness.
Seeking God 's bless and forgiveness.
In the past you were waiting for riding life train.
Now you are waiting for death to end this pain.

In the past smiles spread on your face.
Now in your life, happiness has got no place.
In the past I wished time would elapse to be here.
Now I wish if I could go back to there.

May 21, 2009

Life as I saw it in my SEVENTEEN...!!!!!0

May 7, 2009

To whom I told " Love equals light">>)0

I told him love equals light.
And we stayed up the whole night.

Flying over and over the sleepy sky.
Passions and tranquility took us high.

I never wanted him to leave.
It is such sweet dream you wanna believe.

To him my heart whispered ..Please stay.
Do not put an end to this lovely ray.

May be it was not meant for me and you.
Yet we still can enjoy it too.

May 2, 2009


From The First Moment You Changed My Life
You Removed My Sadness With A Knife

Birds Started To Sing In My Land
Flowers Started To Spread Over The Sand

Even My Eyes. . .Turned To Be Charming
I Began To Love The Sun Shining

The Moon Became My Friend
You Put To My Tears A strict End

My Smile Enlightened My Face
Fears And Doubts Flew To The Space

You Know why I Will Always Be with You
Because Loving You Is The Best I Can Do