Dec 31, 2010

Best of 2010.

Just more few hours and a brand New Year Starts so ,
it's Time to get even with 2010.

Best of 2010

· A day in the Book Fair – February 2010.
· An outdoor Birthday Party with Friends - March 2010.
· Start of Spanish Courses – April 2010.
· New acquaintances along the courses.
· Trip to Aswan by car " such an adventure " – August 2010.
By the way , yea I know it is very weird to get August & Aswan
@ the same sentence, but what can I do its Dad.
· Safari Trip to Oasis area – September 2010.
· A Special outing With my German Friend Miraim @ Cairo – October 2010.
· Balloons Days " An outing @ Cairo Citadel and Flying Wishes balloons
from above Kasr El Nil Bridge". – November 2010.
· And Finally " A very Special Day - December 2010.

Finally ,

"Thank you God for the good things you gave to me…"
" Thank you for Supporting me at down times "
" Thank you for saving and protecting me from evils "
" Thanks for helping me through the hard times "

" Sorry for the times I tripped and committed mistakes being disobedient
in spite of your Generosity with me " Please Forgive me "

"Help me to go through my life the way you like."

"Bless those whom I most love and all my dear family members ,
friends and acquaintances.
And turn their own dreams into reality."

Please God Only you know my heart and you know the dreams
and hops settled in it so, please help me turning them into reality.

"I love you Allah"

Happy New Year 2011 All Dear Bloggers

" مش عارفة بس نفسي اعرف "

" روح قلب ماما "

" البلد دي فيها حكومة "

" نط في الكوز "

" بابي "

" تركيب "

" شوية فضفضة "

" Shape your Life "

" Sharm Life "

" Mafrousa "

" My Heart is not for Sale "

" شوية ورق "

" اسف على الازعاج "

" بيطرية ومش بايدي "

" رسائل بلا بريد "

" Straight From the Heart "

" شمس النهار "

" بنت خيخة واي كلام "

" دموع قد تكون حزن او فرح "

" Rawanies"

" Star in the Sky "

" همس الاحباب "

" رياح الحنين "

" صيدلانية طالعة نازلة "

" سكرة وبحر الحياة "

" هجايص "

" قهوة بالفانيليا "

" عجوز وعندي 30 "

" عمود نور "

" رحلة البحث "

" الروقان مع كوباية شاي "
" صمت الغروب "

" واحد شاي "

"تعبت بجد "

" Volta "

" نبضات قلب ولهان "

" حكايات بوبو "

وكل كل المدونين

اسفة لو نسيت حد

Happy New Year 2011.
بالاسباني كمااااااااااااان

Dec 28, 2010

Love Arrest.

Just stay here and freeze.
Listen to me and hold your breathe.

According to our love test.
You are under arrest.

There is no way to escape me.
You got to lead it the way it should be.

And for our love to stay away from any roughs.
I brought you & me these elegant cuffs.

So that we are eternally tied to each other.
To live Happily everafter with nothing to bother.
Some Pinky Fantasy
From Crazy Baskouta .

Dec 24, 2010

The AfterLife

He told her referring to his heart…. "Many beautiful girls passed by this part, yet none of them stayed ,some of them left , some were abandoned and some other girls were expelled. I bet I am cursed with depature".
She replied holding his hand close to her heart " But I came to Stay….and I will Stay"

I live in your heart.
Nothing can take me apart.

May be bruises are all around.
May be face of love is now frowned.

Yet we still can dream that one day in the afterlife
We will live happily as man and wife.

Dec 15, 2010

Do Not Break it

My heart is not that type .
It is a gift tied by pinky stripe.


Its spark needs only care
To show up and flare.

Please keep it smooth.
Do not let it for bruise


It's an oath you should take.
That this heart , you'll never forsake.
P.S. I drew this Pic.

Dec 3, 2010

Friday, 3rd December 2010 / 7:30 a.m

Two little puppies cuddling each other.
In a deep sleep just right beside their mother.

At their sight I felt my breathe is taken away.
How cute? Their innocence made my day.

This is what I saw in the early morning hours.
Maybe life is just saying:
" I've got sweet things beside the sours"

Dec 1, 2010


Memories tighten time distance.
It also sustain aging resistance.

It might help you shine.
Or take your mind to its shrine.

In memories every sense is harder.
It places you in a raft with no harbor.

A Non stop flow of heavenly feelings.
Even words acquire different meanings.

Human memory is an everlasting mystery.
That immortalizes many over history.

Nov 29, 2010


The Multifaced heart.
A one with a very special art.

Sometimes it seems so loving and cute.
Other times it is like a stone cruel and mute.

In my way exploring its map
Or something that would narrow the gap.

I only found so many puzzles.
A heart that gives you sweet cuddles.

Then in a minutes turns its back.
It does not know what is the lack.

Yet, it is quite sure of its right.
To do all contrasts in daylight.
A heart that gives no clue.
But if you're true… it will be only you.

Nov 23, 2010

Lunar Trip

I am traveling to the moon
Do not worry I will be back soon

It is only to bring some of its light
Then return to hold your heart very tight

So that light becomes part of its essence.
And thus no one will ever resist your presence.

This way I will feel extremely satisfied
As when I leave you loneliness will never hold you tied.

Many girls will always show up
And your attraction will never stop

For I do not want you to miss me
Just remember there is plenty of fish in the sea.

Nov 20, 2010

This Must Be Something

He : " You are doing nothing for our love."
She : No.
He : " Sometimes I am not even sure if you love me or not.. The only thing I am certain about is that I do love you…So Do you love me back??.... You Never Say it."
She: Yes.
He … Left in anger.
She…. Sate in Silence

After an hour He came back … carrying a bunch of white roses and chocolate cake.
He called upon her , but there was not answer.
He searched the whole house …but she did not show up, He only found a letter on the couch.

The letter was titled.

This Must be Something.

When I tell you that I never allow any one to read my diaries …Then I give my diary book to you…This must be something.
When I tell you that I never allow any body to discuss my deeds …Then I start asking you about what I am willing to do …This must be something.

When I tell you that I feel frightened when it is dark…. Then I ask you to take me into a night outing …This must be something.
When I tell you that I do not love smokers ….then I ask you to share with me your cigarette …This must be something.
When I tell you that I do not like speedy driving ….then when we are together I ask you to speed up…This must be something.
When I tell you that I do not like staying up late at night …then I ask you to wake me up when you're back home …
This must be something.
When I tell you that I do not like to eat with someone else from the same plate …then we have our meal sharing the same spoon….
This must be something.
When I tell you that I do not like breaking rules but when with you I turn to be a nuts person who wants to try every thing…This must be something.
When I tell you that when in pain I prefer to keep silent …Then Once I am in trouble I throw myself between your arms telling you everything… This must be something.

When I tell you that I am like a little child have that childish greed for chocolate …then I let your lips share with mine every piece of chocolate…
This must be something. -----------------------------------------------

When I tell you that I am not a good listener …then I find that there is no such pleasure as the pleasure of listening to your words….This must be something.
When I tell you that I so much hate thrill movies , but when beside you I do not mind watching thousands of them ….
This must be something.
When I tell you that I am that type of persons who adore being free , then I humbly accept to be jailed in your own life ….
This must be something.
When I tell you that I do not allow people to know about my private life , about my secrets or even about my dreams … then you find that you know about me more than any one on earth …
This must be something.
When I tell you that sometimes I love to escape from everything and everyone just to stay by myself …then I confess that I can not escape from you because wherever I go you will be with me simply because you live in my heart….This must be something.
All these trivial things might gather to be a valuable that can tell you that I do love you.

And when after reading this letter you feel despair thinking that I am angry with you and I am breaking up with you…. Then I show up right now before your eyes …holding your head close to my heart…Whispering " I can not live away from you" …. This for sure must be Something.

Nov 18, 2010

The Problem

It is not you …it is not me.
It is us and what we should be.

it is not love…it is not affection.
it is harmony and minds attraction.

It is not staying in romance forever.
It is in spite of distance , feeling each other.

Nov 14, 2010

The Pinky sheep

This pinky sheep.
Is not willing to weep.
He is coming only to say hiiii.
Before he bids the last sigh.
And to my friends he sends greeting.
before he becomes their own feeding.

Happy Feast To All My Friends

Nov 6, 2010

You Shout ...I Pout.

This beauty you see.
Is only a single part of me.

Like life with its day and night.
I have both colors black and white.

I am not an angel , I know how to frown.
My tears flow like others when you let me down.

So do not expect me to be calm when you shout.
Do not play the role of a person surprised by my pout.

Hold on for a second and reconsider your deeds.
No wonder a garden with no care will be filled with weeds.
Newton Said : To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.

Nov 4, 2010

The Gold I Hold.

The little things we share.
Love, Passion and care.
Are the best in my world.
Feelings that can not be worded.
Simply when I see myself in your eyes.
With that much of love in your heart lies.
I discover that I was born just to be here.
And being elsewhere for me would be a reason to sere.
I've been thinking about what surprise destiny will unfold.
But I never expected it to be that Golden love I hold.

From Me With

Oct 30, 2010

Departing rules.

If I have only Ten days to depart.
I won't let pain break my heart.

I would spend Nine of them with you.
Telling you how much I do not want to let go.

And in the Tenth day I will be just writing you a very long note.
That would help you after I ride the departure boat.
My last wish would be "Stay Well my dear".
For after Farewell there will be no Fear.

Oct 27, 2010

The Heart Manual.

Wait before you approach.
You got to stop and watch.

If you are looking for a place to rest.
Then you better find another spot to test.

Here is a place to settle and a life to be built up.
It is not for playing games and wasting time like a transit stop.

Before you come in there are some rules to be read.
This is for your sake and for the good life you want to lead.

Following the rules is not that hard task.
I just need you to be yourself with no mask.

To take my hand when I am down.
To give me a smile that wipes any frown.

To keep me warm when it is cold outside.
to understand me when my thoughts find no place to hide.

To make me a queen beside you my king.
So that I pronounce that you're my everything.


If you would like to be my king
Then make me a Queen over your everything.
A king needs a Queed not a Maid.

Oct 24, 2010

Millions of Congratulations

Congratulation on your Graduation dear Adel


Thousands of Mabrooooooook.

Hope you love this humble celebration.

Click Here

Oct 21, 2010

Sweet Tolerance

When you meet my smile with a frown.
You are depriving you love from the cordiality crown.

When you meet my flower with a fight
You are ignoring my trial to put things right.

When you meet my tender words with a shout
you are turning my belief in your tolerance into doubt.

When you meet my apology with indifference
You are helping our love to lose its fragrance.

Oct 15, 2010

The Heart Traveler.

The Heart Traveler.

I am traveling the roads you went through
I am walking over the steps you left behind you.

I am following the signs your heart planted for mine.
And I promise not to stray that sentimental line.

So , you are totally free to run away.
For I am gonna find you someday.

And when this happen , you will hear no blame from me.
I'll just kiss your heart for it guided me as it should be.

I'll only thank my soul for it did not fail my faith.
Because for you I was ready to follow every single trace.

Baby finding you is my everything in this life.
And for that dear dream I will forever strife.

I will travel the world for just a night by your side.
And I know at that night you will never allow your love to hide.

Oct 14, 2010

Archive of The Heart.

The old archivist is sitting in silence.
Watching A lot of rooms prevailed by madness.

Many events go by.
Some are easy some are high.

And he is only to receive.
Files to be put in the dusty Archive.

Memories from here and there.
Apology sheets from everywhere.

Dust is covering albums and files.

Stacking them is the only thing that wiles.

Some albums are to stay open wide.
Others should be sealed and put aside.

He will always wait for new sheets to come.
To count them and write down the final sum.

He is allowed to read but not to comment.
Just to go through yet with no lament.

And when the archive is full.
He is to revise the whole roll.

To find out what to discard.
And what to keep in the back yard.

For there must be an empty room.
Till the heart meets its doom.

Sometimes he is done with all this.
But he knows this is not to end but by death.


When your file is sent to Archive... then in my life you're not welcome any more.

Oct 8, 2010

As you Read your Books.

Can you please read my Heart
Will you please escort my Soul.
Can you just play that part
Of Holding me before I fall.

Can you see behind a smile.
Can you feel things inside.
Would you just wait for a while
So that I reveal what I hide.
Sometimes we think we are well experienced in Reading..Yet it always requires much effort to Read the Heart of your Partner.

Oct 3, 2010

I won't Tell.

We are no more together.
You are finally out of my suffer.

Now we have nothing to share.
There is no need to show any care.

I do not need this pitiful talks.
My heart is too old to take these mocks.

Do not take the burden to relief my pain
Winter is coming and tears will flow with rain.

No one will notice my distress.
Do not worry I won't tell about our miss.
When it is time to leave ... take all your talks and simply. leave.

Sep 29, 2010

Sugar & Tea

A cube of sugar.
Is sitting in suffer.

Waiting for a merciful hand
To water its yearning land.

Just two fingers to hold and drop
In that cup of tea so that pains stop.

for what is between sugar and tea
is harmony that everyone can see.

So the moment hot tea shows up
Sugar is longing for the bottom of the cup.

By the way : I do not drink tea ..I do not even know its taste

Sep 26, 2010


Sins are here and there.
Faults are everywhere.

No one is sinless.
Then why we do the mess.

You better Refrain from slander.
Or there will be no wonder.

When someone defame you.
For what you meet is what you do.

When telling some of the ugly fudge.
Remember, Nothing can erase the smudge.
"He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her."
Jesus/The Holy Bible.John 8:7.

Sep 24, 2010

Lost Dreams...

Wings of joy are broken.
Nothing of this is left but a token.

Love , friendship and coziness.
Are Sweet dreams turned into a mess.

Cruel waves escorted our boats.
To a deserted shore with loneliness thoughts.

Happy now with what we sustain ??
I think " No " is the only answer we would gain.
Dear My Friends,
I am Sorry.
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Coz I am encountering some troubles with the comments editor system.
For better communication you can visit the blog fb page.

Sep 17, 2010


Oh poor broken heart.
How can I fix this part.

Should I use some glue.
Or this would make the heal slow.

What about a needle and a thread.
Or this might hurt you turning you dead.

Should I cover the crack by a shiny sticker.
But this has no cure and it might make you weaker.

Would it be good to apply a plaster.
For doing nothing makes the crack grow vaster.

What should I do for this.
Oh please help in such mess.

The last option is to cut the sick piece.
May be this brings you some peace.

I know this is hard and tears will cover you face.
But this is the last option … Sorry I can not replace.

I would do any thing to let this repair succeed.
even if this option is not what you really need.

Baskouta... The Surgeon.

رسالة حب وسلام اجمل ما يكون
دوس هنا

Sep 16, 2010


Looking into your Heart... Asking it:

" How are You?"
What answer do you Expect???
If your Heart will answer your inquiry by sending you
An Emotion
" A face "

What Face Do you expect at this very moment?????

What face has life drawn over the page of your Heart???

The Smiling one.


The Frowning one.

The Sad one.

The Angry one.

The Confused one.

The Shocked one.

The Cheerful one.

The Dreaming one.


The Worried one.

The Straight one.

The Winking one.

The Injuried one.

As for me I am gonna send all of you this face:

From Baskouta With Love.

Sep 13, 2010

Will you???

Writing your name over my page.
My heart no more feels its age.
Once again I'm that little kid.
Will you then flirt me as you said.


Sep 7, 2010

Wh ... Game

Would you tell me Why
Did you bring tears to my eye?

Should I tell you How
Could you heal the pain I feel now?

Would you tell me Where
Can I go to spare this nightmare??

Should I tell you When
Will I forgive you this sin??

Would you tell me W
Way can I avoid the departure ditch?

Should I tell you Who
Can help our love to grow?

Would anybody tell us What
Should we do to cure this cut??

Hmmmmmmm ..... Would you...??? Should I...???


Sep 5, 2010

The scattered Beads.

The necklace beads scattered.
They can no more be gathered.
I thought the thread is strong.
And nothing will go wrong.
I held it close to my heart.
But destiny took it apart .
Now nothing could heal.
What the poor beads feel.
No hand can bring them together.
May be their fate is to stray forever.

Sep 4, 2010

I am so lucky to have my dear loneliness.

Each time I try to break my loneliness …I receive awful shocks which bring me back to my isolation.
Thanks for those whom I thought would give me a hand at times of weakness.
Thanks for those who could not understand my pain.
Thanks for those who could not stand my upsets.
Thanks for making the decision of" turning back to isolation" very easy.
Thanks for not appreciating my urgent need for your existence in my life.
I am fine.

Aug 28, 2010

My old Letters to my imaginary Friends.

Dear my friend,
Here are things I will do.
When I find you.
I'll share with you my secrets.
We dress the same skirts.
We walk hand in hand along the road.
We play like funny animals in the wood.

We talk too much all night long.
Tell you about my favorite song.
And the guy I saw in the club.
and how I loved him like my lollipop.
I come to your home and we both eat.
The cake of your mam which is very sweet.

We go cycling in the back yard.
We say hi to our school's guard.
We save to buy lovely rackets.
We sneak to the zoo with no tickets.
We tease the monkeys and ride the elephant.
Back home we study hard to get the grade Excellent.

We write letters for the moon and the sun.
To come with us to the funfair to get some fun.

We send kisses to the moon with a big hug.
Before going to sleep in a bed that is very snug.

I used to write to my imaginary friend since I was 17 ... Now I am 27 and I never found her.
Friendless Baskouta.