Oct 23, 2008

A Journey To ChildHood

I wish if I could have this amazing metallic thing "The Time machine" ……I whish if it can take me from here in a journey through the Time circle ….and we go deeper and deeper till we reach the Lovely time of childhood when I enjoyed spending so much time playing with my friends ….when my tiny mind was just occupied with the next game which we shall play …..when my eyes used to see just the good , beautiful and nice things in life …..when I was not aware that our world is full of many bad people and a lot of harsh times ……when the most difficult situations which I might face is to be prevented from playing with my friends or being locked at home to study while others are having fun ……the time when my dreams were so tender and simple…..the time when I used to say whatever I wanted without thinking that my words may seem not suitable……when I used to run …and run with my kite……oh how dear is that time ? The time of childhood….when you are far away from the evils of the world thinking that the whole world consists just of clear blue sky…..shining sun that touches my face warmly ….. calm sea where I can swim …..gentle wind which would be enough to fly my kite…..The so many hugs which one used to get from every body…..the sweets with which we filled our mouths till fullness …..waking up early at the school time…….our rushing to the play yard once the sound of the bell resounds announcing the beginning of break time ….. ….and other things which I used to enjoy at the time of childhood… In fact I was at two mind whether to say this or not because I think this reveals how much I am not enjoying the time I am leading right now.