Jan 31, 2009

Dedicated to My Friend ..." Sweet Mirra "

Nothing But Thanks
Thanks for being here
Thanks for being very near

Thanks for listening to my song
It is a sad one yet it is so strong

Thanks for feeling pity for my sadness
Your care brings to my heart some happiness

Thanks for not leaving me in the devil's hand
Like a guardian angel you always visit my land

Thanks for going away when I wanted to be alone
To be with my self enjoying my private tone

Thanks for the happy moments and the happy days
They were as warm as the sun rays

Thanks for accepting my thanksBecause I have nothing to say but ''THANKS ''
You are my gurdian Angel......

Jan 30, 2009

A very Special Day

Today is a very Special Day..
Yes…It is a very special Day ..it is the Birthday of My Best & Sole Friend …Mirra
And I would Like to celebrate it my own way ….
I wish if I could tell her " How much I love her"
I wish If I could tell her " How beautiful is having her as my friend "
I wish If I could tell her that " Going through this life knowing that I've got you shall make my life as sweet as Chocolate "
I wish I could tell her that walking all life long holding your hand is the best thing I could ever do…

I wish if she knows That ….Being my friend is a gift ..that I shall keep save in my Heart….I wish she knows That she is life such a bright candle that enlights the path of my life… I wish if I could be with her right now to give her a big hug together with a sweet warm kiss over her gentle cheek.

To Mirra I want to say:
Happy Birthday to you My Friend.

I wish you all the Happiness of the world….
I love you …& I shall do Always & Always…

A thousand Celebrations are not enough for celebrating your Birthday

Happy & Sweet Day....Is Mirra's Birthday.
I wish you liked My simple & humble Celebration.
Your loving friend.

The two persons Here inside Me…

Yea ….In fact there are two persons and they are fighting all the time ..believe me I feel it in my bones… I get used to have them living here inside yet the matter becomes more difficult when they start their harsh fights…. Ok let me explain it ….I am not insane …I am not even living in delusion …the matter is simply that these days I am leading a very bad & sad condition and because I hate being like that I feel that I've been divided into two person and believe me they are such annoying persons…let me introduce them to you:
Here is the first person : Who is a very gloomy personality …sad … depressed and very weak…this character is a defeatist one which let itself defeated by frustration , sadness and depression… It is a personality with a broken heart. A heart that is bleeding all the time ….this personality is surrendering to death … Any way I think you got enough of this personality.
Now it is time for the second one, It a personality that refuses surrender ….It wanna fight this ugly awful feeling of sadness…. It wanna wake up one day free from the depression chains …It wanna get over all this …It wanna have some sort of change …to DO something good ….to improve its skills …to know more about life …to get itself out of this narrow pot of grief ….. May be it does not know the way to do so …, but at least it has the intension …it has the motive ….it has the hope ….

These two personalities are fighting here inside me … while I am standing still not knowing what to do …. Not knowing How to help….Not even knowing which one of them should I support……May be I feel sick of all this , but at least It is that big fight which keeps me alive because if it were not for it then I should have been dead out of grief.

Jan 29, 2009

I Just Want to Know Why?????????

ًWhy You Came Into My Way
Why You Entered My Heart Like A Ray
So Quickly You Become A Prince Over It
As You Captured My Feelings From The First Moment

Every night , I Have You In My Dreams
Your Love Enlightens My life Like The Sun Beams
Then All Of A Sudden …You Want To Leave Me
You Easily ,Want To Kill All This Glee

Will You Tell Me ,What Shall I Do Without Your Love
Shall I Die, Cry Or Shall I Smile Saying This Was Enough
Please, Tell Me My Dear
Where Can I Hide My Tear ???????

When words die

When Tears Cry

When all vanish except a smile of fear

When Brightness of eyes just disappear

When dreams lose their own way

When all the good memories refuse to stay

When looks grow old

When seeking a faith to hold

When you wake up oneday

Wishing that this will be the last pray

Then You have got a "Broken Heart"0..0

Gray....It is all about this ugly color

It is this awful color which is smudging my life …this vague color …which spreads gloominess wherever it exists …Actually I hat this color …May be at certain times of my life I used to wear this color, but now I hate it …yea I hate it …just because it is a color with no entity …or may be it is its vague entity which provokes me to hate it … If I could meet this color and talk to him I would just tell him …." I can not help hating you "… you know why?? Just because you have been smudging the paths of my life for a long time …. Nothing is crystal clear ….Nothing is frankly identified ….Nothing is giving a loud cry…. It is always quiet tears ….in an awful silence ….A sacred Silence …that nothing can interrupt …..it is the sadness Silence ….The Silence which fills the broken hearts …..It is a big tear….a broken heart….a gray shadow ….this is what I am leading now ….My be my mind is not in its top condition …May be my words are not in proper order …May be it seems to be a horrid post but this is what I wanted to tell …I wanted to raise my voice announcing that I hate what I feel ….I hate the sadness I am feeling right now
I hate my broken heart which is bleeding all the time.
I hate this Gray Shadow which is spreading over the lines of my life.
I hate these tears which are engraving painfully their repulsive channels over my cheeks…
I hate this feeling of "Hatred " …. I want to get over all this …..& I hate not knowing How …
I hate …Me..

To all those who might read my gloomy Post ….[ I beg your Pardon ……..But this is all what I've got at this moment ]I wish If I could over come all this ....Pray for me

A Feeling in my Heart

A feeling in my heart tells me that i want you......I want you to be my lover ....my friend..... my soul mate.....my partner for lifetime....to be the person with whom I feel all the happiness....in his eyes I see all the kindness ....beside him I feel safe....a word from him changes my life ...in his love I feel all the wonderful feelings......a touch from him makes me fly......for him I will give my heart........ my love....my life
for him I am ready to sacrifice every thing just to be with him ..... I feel warmness with him ... I want you to be this person I really want you ..... to achieve all our dreams together...... I have nothing in this world except your love.... your love is the beam that enlightens my heart .....I promise you ....you will be save in my heart .... I will love you till the last moment of my life......your love touched me & changed every thing like a magical touch..... please NEVER LET GO OF MY LOVE. may be my words are not enough to describe my feeling ,but I know you feel me .....you feel my love .....you know that I am yearning to the day when I meet you .....