Sep 26, 2009

I am sorry

am sorry my heart I have to leave this dream
It is a dream that is not meant to enjoy the sunbeam

I am sorry my love we have to stay away.
For In your life I have no role to play.

I left because there is no space for me...
I departed and in your heart I left the key....

Because I locked away my heart...
Since we decided to get apart...

Dear my love I beg your pardon
I am no more able to take this burden.

Take care of yourself and be sure life will go on.

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Mo7ammed said...

جت عالوجيعة شوية

مش عارف اكتبها بالانجليش بقى معلش

تسلم ايدك يابسكوتة

بجد ماشاء الله عليكى

THE illusionist said...

am i the fist

i hope iam

THE illusionist said...

what a sad words

i really hope it is not areal experience

you are so nice when it is about love words

but in sad words
your so sad

i hope it is not your feelings right now

Baskouta said...

القصيدة كانت ملخبطة....انا ظبطها
Now you can reread it..

THE illusionist said...

i rad it

what can i say

so sad

but you escaped from my question

is it a real experience


i hope it is not

and i want to know your birth date

to make a party for you

THE illusionist said...

from your birth date

i realized that

god be with you

just do not be sad

heart is like a wide note book

but the idea is

you do not have to open the black pages

and remember sad events

just forget these events

and open the colored papers

and remember your joy

i hope i am not so young after i know your age
ha ha ha

god bless you

Baskouta said...

You are right ...
And I know you are so young.
by the way you and Mohammed are cute.

Mo7ammed said...

hey baskota,how are ya ?

we wanna a new post ..^_^

god be with you ..

Mo7ammed said...


i wanna ask you for something..

could you please remove the Word verification from comments ..?

pleeeeas :) :)

المعلم محمد صاحب المطعم - طعمية سخنة said...

ازيك يا بسكوتة
الكلمات دي صعبة اوي اوي
اتمني انها متكونش حقيقة
و اسلوبك جميل جدا

Baskouta said...

ايه النور ده بس
لا لاااااااااا مش مصدقة
المعلم صاحب المطعم هنا في مدونتي بذات نفسه

ميرسي يا محمد على الكومنت
وحقيقي مدونتي نورت بزيارتك دي

Mo7ammed said...

ايه ياجميل

عايزين بوست جديد بقى

عايزين نتكلم انجليزى يامينز ^_^

على فكرة الحلقة الاولى نزلت فى الاختيار
شوفيها يلا بقى

بيس يابسكوتة

Baskouta said...

بوست جديد ؟!!!!!!! اممممم ربنا يسهل

حاضر هشوف الاختيار

بيس يا محمد

المعلم محمد صاحب المطعم - طعمية سخنة said...

ربنا يخليكي

لا صدقي هو مش معني اني صاحب مطعم اني مش متعلم

دانا خريج محو امية قد الدنيا

Baskouta said...

طبعا طبعا يا معلم
ده المدونة اتشرفت بحضرتك

المعلم محمد صاحب المطعم - طعمية سخنة said...

el sharaf leya ana