Oct 4, 2009

A Gift For My Friends

Dear all my friends,
Kindest regards from my heart to all of you.
Here I am bringing you a nice gift . It is a panoramic view of Al Aqsa Mosque.
It takes you in a spiritual tour inside the Holy Mosque.
I wish you a nice tour.
All the very Best to everyone of you.

Here is the link:

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THE illusionist said...

the first

i am sure

THE illusionist said...

i downloaded some thing
it did not work

i got a picture of

david star

a cross

and Crescent

what should that mean ?

THE illusionist said...

you are here


good evening my princess

Baskouta said...

Hello Ya Gameel
Good evening to you.

You click the link then you will get the Three images which you mentioned ... what you should do is to wait till the site complete loading ,after this you will start your tour inside the Aqsa mosque.
Just be patient and you will see.

THE illusionist said...

you still here

it is my lucky day

good morning
i hope you understood my previous opinion
at my last post


thank you

THE illusionist said...

thank you my princess

i will
and it is my pleasure

to have a little chat with you

at your blog

Baskouta said...

When the site opens and the tour starts, you can click the word details which you will find down in the right side of the webpage, when it opens it will show you some arrows which will help you to see every part of the mosque you can go up, down , right , left and everywhere.
Have a nice time.

Baskouta said...

I am happy too to have such chat with you.
Please let me know when the site works out and tell me your opinion.

May Allah bless those who participated in creating such distinguished panoramic view.

Waiting for your opinion.

gret said...

it is very nice , well done Baskouta
i wish Allah bless you for this

Yusuf said...

Hi Baskouta

this is my first visit

nice blog

i tried to acces the site but i couldn't

only download link for a strange file

and a picture for the 3 religions symbols

what should i do?