Oct 1, 2011

The Shoeslace.

Two weeks ago I bought myself a new converse..

When I went home I wanted to try on my new pair of shoes , yet I found that one of the pair has its shoelace unfastened which is normal with any new pair of shoes.

I remembered Daddy , who used to fasten my shoelace each time I buy a new one.

He is the one who taught me how to tie my shoelace.

He used to help me while choosing any new pair.

Back to my unfastened shoelace , I took the shoelace and the converse … I went to my brother and I said to him " would you please fasten my shoelace , as it is Dad who used to do this for me and now as there is no Daddy , I need you to do it for me"

He said " ok "

Within minutes ,I had my shoelace fastened ,a smile on my brother face and a tear on my face because he did it the same way my father used to do it.

And yesterday I had the same thing again , I found my sister holding her new pink converse which has one of its pair with unfastened shoelace… coming to me with a frown on her face saying :

" could you do this shoelace for me … Daddy used to do it "

I was speechless for a moment , then I said "ok I'll "

although I was not sure that I can do it the right way.

But it happened that " I did it "

I made it and she was happy with a smile on her face.

As for me, I had the same tear but this time with a smile.

I had nothing to say but a whisper dedicated to my father : " We'll be ok Daddy"

By the way : the last time I bought a pair of shoes when dad was still here , he told me that I have to learn to do it myself so that I need no one … he said " What will you do if I am not here "

I love you Dad.

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adel said...


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Bertolt Brecht

وده كاتب الماني وفيلسوف كبير قال

Der Mensch ist erst wirklich tot, wenn niemand mehr an ihn denkt.

يعني يا ستي

الانسان بيموت بس لما محدش يفتكره

فاكيد باباعمره ماح يموت

تعيشي وتربطي ويتربطلك الرباط...اكيد اللي خلف ما مامات واكيد روحه بينكم...الله يرحمه ويصبركم

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Baskouta said...


حلوة اوي المقولة دي
ميرسي انك قولتهالي

وميرسي على الكومنت والدعوة

بابا واحشني طبعا كل الوقت
بس بيوحشني اكتر لما تحصل حاجات لازم هو يكون موجود فيها

الله يرحمه

ودلوقت عاوزة اقول
Thanks my DEAR friend.

Baskouta said...


Thanks for the smiles...I wish you a shower of happy things.

Miss LoZa said...

Dad will always be there as long as u remember him :)
He must've rested in peace now isA :)
For the post .. really it's so touching <3

Baskouta said...

Miss Loza

Thanks sweetie for the sweet words


Miss you Loztyyyyy

Miss LoZa said...

<3 <3 :)
Missing you more asln :)
tyb mafesh facebook wla ay 7aga kda ?! :(