Sep 7, 2011

Touch my Things.

Please touch my things.

Touch my pen so that when I hold it I feel my fingers touching your fingers.

Touch my mobile so that each time I hold it I feel your touch.


Touch my watch so that whenever I wear it I feel you are holding my hand.


Touch my scarf so that whenever I put it on , I feel you are hugging me.


Touch the earpiece of my mp3 so that when I put them on I feel the sound coming through your soft touch.


Touch my keys so that whenever I use them I feel you are going with me through every door I go through.


Touch the pages of my favorite book … I love to see your fingers going through the lines while reading my book.

Touch my mug so that once I hold it ... I hold your hand.


Touch my camera , so that when I take a photo I take it through your eyes

and my eyes.


Touch me and my everything because I feel alive only when you are around.


Your soft tender touches will help me to go through the moments when you are not here for your touches will always keep you around.


Touch my necklace because I want to feel your touch close to my heart.

The things you touch are ordinary usual items , yet your touch turns them to be extremely valuable treasures … everything you touch is a very dear thing to me.

I love you and I love your touches.

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تنهيدة (:

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7elwa awiii