Jun 17, 2011

Just this.

Just a dream

To Go back in time just for once.

To rewind the day 7th of May 2011.

To hit the Pause button at 1:00 p.m

To hold the hand of my father and put it against my heart

To Say : " I love you Dad , I love you more than any thing in the world and I am sorry for anything that might made you angry at any time"

To hug him.

To kiss his hand.

To say " Thank you Daddy for everything "

To make a wish.

To tightly hold his hand.

To hit the Continue button

And finally to let Go of his hand.

It's God's will

It hurts me so much knowing that I have to go through life without you Daddy.


Love you

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Ilary said...

I'm sure your Dad is watching you from above. When I'm at home I can still feel my parents' presence more than in any other place. There are times in which I just want to cry and wake up from this nightmare, but too bad this is not a nightmare, but real life. I know it's easier said than done, but stay strong, dear friend. <3