Jul 21, 2010


You're there I am here …yet we're still together.
The same air is touching our hearts now and forever.

The same sun shows up every morning to warm up our days.
The same rivers are running hastily to water our bays.

The same moon smiles every eve to our nights.
Sending peace , tranquility together with its lights.

The same sky covers our dreams as if hugging our hands when praying.
With its clouds sometimes windy and furious , other time gently raining.

The same clock is ticking reminding us of the elapsing time.
The same waves are searching the world for a shore giving a mooring sign.

You see in spite of distance, separation …we are living the same world.
With the same air, sun , moon , sky, time and waves we are furled.

4 التعليقات:

adel said...

nice one
nice subject
nice as usual
sweety baskouta

but i think life hide something 4 u
wait ...and ....wait brdo

Ramy said...

its nice words

really i fill it so much

god with you all the time

reem said...

جميلة اوى اوى يا بسكوته
بتعجبنى اوى كلماتك
بجد عاجبااااانى جدااااااااا
فعلا لو حسينا اننا بنتشارك نفس الاشياء
هانحس اننا لازم نفضل مع بعض
عاجبنى اوى الجزء بتاع الشمس والانهار

بحب احساسك اوى يا بسكوتى الرقيقة

فاتيما said...

i love u