Jul 5, 2010

I am A Blogger ... I am A Blood Donor.

Dear friends ,

Hi every one.

Today's post is an invitation for Solidarity. We all have to share something for the sake of our humanity.

There is no need to talk about donation in general or about the need to collaborate to help our community to get to better conditions. I know you have got your own ways to help others with all type of support , yet Here is another invitation to donate … you are kindly invited to Donate … to Help … to Support …to Give …to Draw a smile … to Save a life … to Take a step towards Social integration …

Although there are many people who are in bad need for money, this is not an invitation to donate money .

Although there are people dying every day out of thirsty & Starvation, this is not an invitation to help affording clean water & food .

Although there are several people who are in real need for only one piece of cloth , this is not an invitation to donate Cloth.

You are required to help saving a life.

Only one drop of Blood can help giving a life.
Few drops of Blood can wipe the tears of a patient or a patient relative.
By donating Blood you are drawing a smile….

We all are exposed to get inflected with any disease, the person in need for blood might be your parent , your kid , your friend and might be you.

Help assisting each other.

Give Blood And Get More.

Give Blood and get a smile.
Give Blood and get a thankful word.
Give Blood and get a faithful pray.
Give Blood and get Allah satisfaction.
Give Blood and Save a life.

Bloggers Blood Bank.

Is a sacred idea that needs your support.

By Mr.Blogger / Mohammed Al Gharabawy.

Do your best to Support.
Do your best to

Click the following

Bloggers Blood Bank Blog.
A blog specially made and totally devoted to the idea of The Blogger Blood Bank.

Get the honor of being a Blood Donor.


Not every body can donate Blood.
To find out whether you are healthy qualified for Blood donation you can go through the following Donor Health Check.
Just one click to start a check to discover if you can give Blood.
May Allah bless our Endeavors.

Thanks for the Sponsor of the Idea
Mr.Mohammed Al Gharabawy.

For more details you can visit the following blogs:

5 التعليقات:

فاتيما said...


يا بسكووووووووووتة قلبى
الف حمدلله ع السلامة
يا حبيبتى


يا عيون مامى
كلك ذوق واهتمام


والبوست بتاعك
لازم يتحفظ عند محمد الغرباوى
و يتبعت منه رسايل
عشان الناس اللى بتقرى
و بتكتب ف مدوناتها بالأنجليزى
الصور كمان حلوة قوى
انتى اوحيتيلى بفكرة
و ان شاء الله انفذها علطول


المهم انى مبسوطة
قوى دلوقتى
انك أخيراااااااااا
رجعتى تكتبى تانى


بحبك يا بسكوتة
يا غرقانة بالعسل


و يا رب
يكون البوست دا
اول استفتاح
لبوستات كتيييييير
زى زمان


بحبك قوى
و بوسات و حضونات
كتير قووووووى
يا عيون مامى
لحد ما تيجى الفرصة
و اشوفك
و اديهملك بنفسى


Mano said...

الدال علي الخير كفاعله
ربنا يبارك فيكي
وحمدالله عالسلامه

فاتيما said...

صباح الورد يا بسكوتة قلبى

انا جاية اصبح
قبل ما اكتب الصباحات و اعمل أى حاجة
و بعدين هرجعلك تانى

البوست حلو قوى بجد
و محمد الغرباوى سعيد بيه جدا
حتى روحى شوفى البوست اللى كاتبه
عشان تعرفى انك بس قيمتك و قيمة مدونتك و اى حاجة بتكتبيها
و بتفرق ازاى مع الناس

بحبك خالث

Ramy said...

it is first comment from me here and will be not last one

its really good and nice post
انا اسف لو كنت عكيت انجليزى (:

بس بجد بوست فوق الهايل

و زى ما قالت مامت يوسف المفروض يتنشر بطريقة اوسع

ربنا يوفقك (:

فكرة من الزمن ده said...

وحشتيني ياعسولة
ربنا يجازيكي خير يارب