Sep 16, 2010


Looking into your Heart... Asking it:

" How are You?"
What answer do you Expect???
If your Heart will answer your inquiry by sending you
An Emotion
" A face "

What Face Do you expect at this very moment?????

What face has life drawn over the page of your Heart???

The Smiling one.


The Frowning one.

The Sad one.

The Angry one.

The Confused one.

The Shocked one.

The Cheerful one.

The Dreaming one.


The Worried one.

The Straight one.

The Winking one.

The Injuried one.

As for me I am gonna send all of you this face:

From Baskouta With Love.

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Ramy said...

for me

the smiling one

i like doing this every time (:

thank u (:

baskouta ...

Baskouta said...

Thank you.
May Allah keep the smile of your heart save.Sending you shower of blessings.

"A smile is the beginning of peace."
Mother Teresa


فاتيما said...
♥ ☺ ♥

Tears said...

I'll choose

Sad one + Worried one !!

Tarkieb said...

كونتي صغرتي الايكونات وبعد الجملة على نفس السطر كان بقى احلى...يالا كل بسكوت وله طريقة....هههههه وعندك واحد فاني شاكر وصلحه

Baskouta said...

Thanks ya mamy for the kissing face.
Kisses 4 u.

Baskouta said...

Tears ya Tears Ya tears...
Why bas ya my tears???
Why sad and worried??
May Allah bless your heart with happiness.
Cheer up sweetie.
Your Baskouta

Baskouta said...



ya3ny el post keda we7esh


Funny Shaker
you mean a funny face.

that's good


I'm The CraZy One said...

The Dreaming one. :)

شمس النهار said...

كل سنه وانتي طيبه

وفيس مقبول واحنا كمان بنحبك

بس فعلا اكيد لو الواحد سأل قلبه حالا اكيد قلبه مش هيرد عليه
علشان كده هوبيستعبط وقلبه هيقول له بتسألني وانت اللي عامل كده فيه



Baskouta said...

The Crazy one.

Of course the dreaming one for sweet Hanooda.

Thanks sweetie.
Luv u

Baskouta said...

شمس التدوين
وحضرتك طيبة وبصحة وسلامة
والف مليون سلامة عليكي

تعرفي حضرتك عندك حق نسأله ازاي واحنا اللي عاملين فيه اللي هو فيه

تحياتي البسكوتية

Baskouta said...
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