Oct 15, 2010

The Heart Traveler.

The Heart Traveler.

I am traveling the roads you went through
I am walking over the steps you left behind you.

I am following the signs your heart planted for mine.
And I promise not to stray that sentimental line.

So , you are totally free to run away.
For I am gonna find you someday.

And when this happen , you will hear no blame from me.
I'll just kiss your heart for it guided me as it should be.

I'll only thank my soul for it did not fail my faith.
Because for you I was ready to follow every single trace.

Baby finding you is my everything in this life.
And for that dear dream I will forever strife.

I will travel the world for just a night by your side.
And I know at that night you will never allow your love to hide.

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