Oct 27, 2010

The Heart Manual.

Wait before you approach.
You got to stop and watch.

If you are looking for a place to rest.
Then you better find another spot to test.

Here is a place to settle and a life to be built up.
It is not for playing games and wasting time like a transit stop.

Before you come in there are some rules to be read.
This is for your sake and for the good life you want to lead.

Following the rules is not that hard task.
I just need you to be yourself with no mask.

To take my hand when I am down.
To give me a smile that wipes any frown.

To keep me warm when it is cold outside.
to understand me when my thoughts find no place to hide.

To make me a queen beside you my king.
So that I pronounce that you're my everything.


If you would like to be my king
Then make me a Queen over your everything.
A king needs a Queed not a Maid.

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