Nov 9, 2009

A Message being sent everyday by every one at moments of Despair.

Dear Most hurting Life,
Allow me to announce my Surrender.

I feel so much depressed. You life turned to be a nightmare. Nothing is getting better. Time is standing still as if I am stuck into a gloomy dull bog of frustrations.
I am failing myself… I am surrendering to despair. I am no more able to fight. I am withdrawing from this awful battle…. Each time I am trying to help myself , I face more frustrations. Then why should I keep trying… Let it be as it is … I no more care.
I am telling you life … I surrender. I gave up all my dreams.
I am losing my fighting spirit … I am sinking in the eddy of my tears.
I am suffocating… I am letting go of all my aspirations.
I am announcing it loud here You Won.
Sure , it is killing me to announce my weakness ,yet this is what I am … So feeble…
So Desperate …
and I surrender.

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Anonymous said...

As usually biscuit
very beautiful
so much vocabulary
and deep feeling

thank you

Anonymous said...

hi Baskouta
the Surrender of the life , is the first step to win the fight with life
may be allah keep the Success factors to the person who can deal with the life
be sure that you will win en shaa alah

Baskouta said...

Hiiiiiiii BlackShwak,
Thanks for the sweet comment.
I am so much delighted that you are following my writings.
Thanks again.

Baskouta said...

To the anonymous:
Thank you for the comment.
Thanks for sharing your opinion.
Who are you?

Anonymous said...

Hy biscuit
thank you for following my blog
and about the ( new groom post )
you know that there is some men really live like this
i think they call it ( Man subject to his wife )
any way about Marriage i cant tell u
but love & ( love marriage ) i think its the most beautiful thing in the world

by now

Baskouta said...

hiiiiiiiii Happy to see you here again.
I agree with you Love Marriage is the most beautiful thing ,I am praying to Allah to bless me with this type of marriage.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

where r u today
i hope u r fine

c u tomorrow