Jul 27, 2009

Yes we Broke up, Yet I am Not Sorry.

I am Not Sorry …now we are Apart.
May be I've not got a new life to start
May be in my heart no love will show up
Yet it was the right decision to break up.

You used to smash my heart with cool blood
You turned the pure innocent love to a fatal mud.
You never felt pity for this broken heart of mine
In your love I never saw the anticipated sunshine

My flowing tears have got nothing to say.
Except for one hurting request of " Please Stay away"

I promise not to forget you or your love
Because anyhow it was all a gift from above

I will just do my best to cure my wounds
To set my self free from such deadly love bonds.

When you are away I know I will not be happy ,yet I will get the peace of mind
And after all this is exactly what I've been trying to find.

Again… My tormented soul says I am not sorry we are apart.
Farewell to you … and another Farewell to my heart

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THE illusionist said...


الكلمات روعه قوى
والوزن بالانجليزى
احييكى على ذوقك وعلى طريقتك

Baskouta said...

Thank you so much for your opinion.
I appreciate it.
you are most welcome to my blog.
I hope you enjoy my other writings.