Feb 7, 2011

They died for us , what are we willing to do for them??

Egyptians Said :

let's just say that it is too late to redeem the wrongs you did to Egypt and the Egyptians along 30 years. Trying to make up for the crimes which have been done in all aspects all over 30 years within only 6 months is just a silly joke so, please just take all your errors together with all your trials of reform and for God Sake step out of the Office…

He replyed :

" I can't leave immediately for fear that the country would sink into chaos." As if Egypt has not been suffering from chaos in every aspect for decades.

Then a bunch of people just showed up out of no where interrupting the national dialogue saying

" Give him a chance "

Actually I find myself wordless when I read words of people who say Give him a chance.

Hey you " Do not you find 30 years enough as a chance for any one to prove his good intention ... How comes that this maniac regime - by remaining in power for some more months - would be able to regain Egypt's stability which has already been lost for thirty years.

It is just an attempt by the regime to buy time for gathering all its forces and tricks to once again control the will of people. And now the plan is going exactly the way the regime wishes as it succeeded in making people hate the revolution by claiming that it is the main cause behind every disturbance in the country.

For those who believed this claim , I would only say:

If you would tolerate 30 years of brutality , 30 years of repression , 30 years of poverty , 30 years of injustice , 30 years of deterioration in every aspect of life and 30 years of living at the margin of subsistence , How can you tolerate the Blood shed for our Freedom??

How can you tolerate the murder of people who were killed for no reason , but their trial to speak up their demands.

How can you tolerate the death of those innocent victims of a tyrant regime???

The revolution started by asking for freedom , social justice , human rights , constitutional amendments and it developed to be a unanimous demand to eliminate the dictatorial regime, " Mubarak must Go " became the slogan of this revolution.

Now I think that the most important reason for this revolution to go on is that those who are responsible of the murder of those martyrs must be cruelly punished.

Go On guys … Liberate Egypt from Tyranny.

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