Aug 14, 2010

The Eddy we all are leading.

Working......Working......And Some more work

There was no time for Thinking to fork.

So Tired…

In bad need for hitting the sack.

Immediate Sleep

……Deep Sleep.....

And Some more Sleep.

Then.... Suddenly....Oh my God It's 7:00 A.m

Hurry Up….

Back to Work.... Again the Work Cycles begin.

No Space for the bad Thoughts to show up … No time to Listen to the hurting snubs….
There is No Room for the ugly thoughts ….
This is the best plot to Block their Piratical Boats.

Then … Finally Collapsing

No more ability to work.

No More Sleep.
Thoughts brutally invade the heart and the mind.
No more ability to avoid , to resist or even to decide.

Thoughts are in race like furious waves.

The Fragile entity inside is ruined.

Finally Depression is Here.



One big loud NO.

When in awfully bad mood
When full of sadness load

When the heart is burdened with pains.
When despair is running your veins.
Pull the pieces of your life together.
Face it bravely and storm the grief river.
Stand by your will and give it a try.
Cast the resistance spell and let sadness die.

Despair will escort you only to Depression… and Depression to Death.

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adel said...

ليه اكتئاب و موت
وفي رمضان

ربنا معاكي في الشغل
وهيعدي زي غيره كتير مابيعدي
وبالنسبة للخناقات و الاكتئابات و الحاجات دي برضه مصيرها هيعدي

اساليني انا
i know more than u my dear

Sharm said...

nothing deserve

Baskouta said...

I am fine
I am just writing about the eddy which we are experiencing work...sleep ...escaping from facing. which is nothing at all.

I am ok ...I am just helping myself getting out of it.

kol sana wi ento tayebin

Tarkieb said...

قلت حزاينى يابسكوت قال في الشغل انا طافح الكوت

قلت ياسيدي اهى علقة تفوت وبكرة الدنيا ح تبقى ياقوت

وطل علينا يا عم وفوت ويومك قشطة يا بسكوت

Baskouta said...



لا بجد حقيقي
The best comment ever.

you made me smile...Thanks so much Tarkieb...

have a very nice time
kol sana wi enta tayeb

تحيات بسكوتية

فاتيما said...

✿صباح و مساء الورد ✿
ازيك يا بسكوتة قلبى



شغل شغل
حتى الاحباط و الاكتئاب ؟!!
ينفع كدا

رمضان السنة دى
جاى بحالة وخم
و نوم عميق و تتنيح
و مش لوحدى
دا تقريبا كل الناس
و محدش حتى فرحان
او عارف يمثل انه فرحان
مش انتى لوحدك
بس ضيفى على ذلك
الشغل الكتير اللى عندك
ربنا معاكى يا حبيبتى

يا ترى هينفع تيجى
يوم ابو الريش ؟؟
فكرى و شوفى الاجواء ايه
يا رب ينفع

انتى وحشتينى قوى
بوسات و حضونات
ووحشات رهيبات

Admin said...

على فكره دى ممكن تكون اغنيه راب جامده جدا

Baskouta said...

اغنية راب مرة واحدة

ميرسي على رايك وميرسي على الزيارة

تحياتي البسكوتية