Aug 5, 2012

Growing up

When I grow up
some silly thing will stop
I 'll have the guts to say No
At the times when No is due
fifteen years ago
I used to say so
Now I am grow enough
But things are getting tough
Yes or No became the hardest decision
And being old does not ease that mission

When I grow  up
Some silly things will stop
I will be free to do what I feel
I will define the way I deal
No more instructions or orders
No more boundaries or borders
Fifteen years ago
I used to say so
Now I know that gaining age
Never sets man free out of that cage
There will always be directions
And really few chances to make objections.

When I grow up
Some silly things will stop
I'll eat as much sweets as I can
I will stay up late with no more parental ban
Fifteen years ago
I used to say so
Now I fall asleep early at eight
Because there is no much time to waste
And the sweets are not so sweet as before
Or may be by time I lost the way to the candy store
Growing up is not that pinky dream
For there are many thing we lose as years stream

When I grow up

some silly things will stop

Fifteen years ago
I used to say so
Now as a grown up
I know that dreams do not stop

Abou el Reesh  hospital

Children of Abou el Reesh pediatric hospital need our support
You can contribute to Abou El Reesh hospital through donations
Save our Children … give them hope for a better painless future
Draw a small smile and water it with love

Abou El Reesh  Donation Day is determined to be on Saturday 11th August 2012
at the main gate
donors  shall meet there to collect the donations at 4 pm

6 التعليقات:

قوس قزح said...

Very touching post .. God bless you

Baskouta said...

قوس قزح
Thank you so much
Wish you best of luck.
God Bless you and your good deeds.

Ramy said...

أزيك (:

كل سنة و انت طيبة و بخير

عيد سعيد يا رب

البوست قريته من فترة بس مكنتش عارف اعلق


البوست اقل ما يقال عنه أنه يلمس القلب


P A S H A said...

كل سنة وأنتِ طيبة وبألف خير وصحة وسعادة أنتِ وأسرتك الكريمة وإن شاء الله يكون عيد سعيد عليكم جميعاً بإذن الله :)

Baskouta said...

وانت طيب وبخير يا رامي
ميرسي على الكومنت وعلى المعايدة
ويارب ايامك كلها عيد

Baskouta said...


كل سنة وحضرتك طيب وبخير

ميرسي على المعايدة